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Natural. Beaded. Row. Extensions

I have been wearing extensions for almost 10 years now. I've tried them all, from the old school glue in extensions, to tape in's, to clips in's. But there was always something wrong! Either the color didn't blend, the bonds or clips would show, or they could even be painful. 

A few years ago I said to myself, "there has to be a better option"! So I sat down at my computer, and I googled, and I searched....until I found a website that had a title saying "The # 1 secret to natural looking hair extensions!" you can imagine... I was Intrigued....I've tried all kinds of extensions...never had I seen a website like this!

As you can Imagine, I did what we all do. I stalked this woman's social media pages. Yup, I creeped and I followed her for TWO YEARS, before I decided to take the leap, join the tribe, and learn how to instal NBR. 

What I love about's so versatile! Wether you have baby fine hair that doesn't do anything, and you want long Victoria's Secret hair, or if you have thin hair, and are happy with the length but it's not full enough, they are really for everyone. 

I can't even describe the feeling it's like to wake up in the morning with hair that I LOVE. To hair that actually SAVES me time. To hair that makes me feel more CONFIDENT than I have ever felt.


If you're ready to experience Natural Beaded Rows, Click the link above to fill out the questionnaire! 

What Makes NBR Different?

With the majority of hair extension methods there can be a lot of damage caused to your natural hair. Between sticky tape, and glue, breakage from bonds, Natural Beaded Row's out do any other extension method that I have personally tried myself!

Natural Beaded Rows are considered a "Track" method. A Track is created around the head using micro beads and string. 


Wefts of hair are then custom colored to seamlessly blend with your hair, and are stitched to the track.


After installation,everything is cut to blend!



Before NBR extensions, I wasn’t happy with the way my hair looked (hence why I wore clip-ins that hurt my head). I’d always constantly wish and hope that I’d suddenly wake up with a full beautiful head of hair. A lot of people would say “it’s just hair” when I'd say why I even wore extensions in the first place.


Everyone has their own insecurities and my hair was one of them until Katie became my hair goddess, and I will never go back. Katie is so empowering and also so kind hearted and she genuinely cares about her clients, and she wants to make sure I leave happy (which I always do).


Like I previously mentioned, I wore clip in's and half the time my “track” was showing because I have thin hair so it didn’t cover it all! TERRIBLE! It might sound crazy but NBR has changed my confidence and how I view myself, it’s very low maintenance minus the tightening appointments, and I can style my hair any way I want without worrying that my track will show. I am in love with this hair and I would recommend it to absolutely any and everyone, it’s worth the price I promise you.


Thank you Katie for seriously making so much of a difference and making me leave the salon with so much confidence and beauty.<3



I know it sounds dramatic but NBR has changed my life- the confidence I have now is unbelievable.


Before NBR I went through a stage where my hair didn’t grow and it fell out- it was devastating brushing my hair and seeing clumps come out. I already had confidence issues before my hair issues but that was just icing on the cake-I didn’t feel beautiful.


After NBR I felt so confident and people made comments about how happy I was. I felt pretty and that motivated me to work out. I love being able to wear my hair in all these different styles and trying things out that I couldn’t before because of my short hair. And with these extensions it’s helped my natural hair grow and become healthier which is AMAZING!


I’ve tried micro beaded extensions and clip in extensions but I wasn’t happy with either of those- with NBR extensions I don’t even feel them and to be honest I forget I have them in! I love my NBR extensions and tell everybody about what a fantastic job Katie has done.


Katie has been with me through this confidence transformation process and that makes it all the more special! Having someone comment about how they have seen you change before their eyes is amazing and I am so happy that I decided to try out NBR extensions because I never want to go back not having them!! I’m an NBR girl for life



Katie is amazing! We actually used to work together 9 years ago, but due to work/ moving/ and just life we lost touch. When I reached out to her and we started talking we were able to pick up our friendship as if no time had passed.


She is very genuine and is very willing to work with you to make sure you are getting the look/ hair you want.


I would 100% recommend NBR extensions! Before I had extensions I would spend so much time trying to give my hair volume without it looking too “done up”. I could make it look good for a minute, but the moment I would step outside it would go limp on me.


NOW, with MORE hair it actually takes less time to do my hair and it looks great all day long. I can even go 2-3 days without washing it.


I would recommend washing it at the end of the day/ after work and letting it air dry before you go to bed. Then in the morning you can just curl it a little and your done! This is what works best for me anyways.


Since I’ve gotten the extensions I have been given so many compliments and people have no idea that’s it’s not all my actual hair!


What Makes NBR Different?



1.) Is it real hair?

  • Yes! West Coast Hair Extensions & Stylings utilizes "Covet & Mane" Handtied Extensions. For more information on the Handtied Extensions themselves, you can visit Covet & Mane for more information HERE.


2.)How is NBR installed?

  • Using Micro Beads and string, a track is created. The wefts of hair are then attached to the track, by sewing them in place. 


3.)Are they damaging?

  • All extensions have potential to be damaging. However, NBR is one of the least damaging methods, as there are so few points of contact. NBR will leave you with 15-45 points of contact where as other methods could have over 100.


4.)Will they match my hair?

  • Yes! Even if you don’t want your hair colored, all extensions are custom colored to blend seamlessly with your hair.


5.) Can I wear my hair up?

  • Yes! You can pretty much wear it however you want! Braids, pony’s, pigtails, etc..


6.) How long do they last/What is maintenance like?

  • The Extensions themselves can last you anywhere from 6-8 months depending on how they are cared for, and they need to be moved up or “tightened” every 6-8 weeks. 

7.) Why do they need to be tightened?

  • Because your hair grows! As your hair grows the extensions grow with it. When they get too grown out they slowly become more noticeable as they no longer lay as flat to your head. There is also more room for damage to occur if you go more than 8 weeks, as there is more potential for matting and tangling. 


8.) How do I take care of them?

  • Firstly you’ll want to invest in 5 important professional products.

    • 1-Moisturizing and/or Smoothing Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Favorites for Extensions: Iles Formula,  Unite, Kevin Murphy, and Oribe. 

    • 2-Leave In Conditioner/Detangler. My favorite is 7 Seconds Detangler by Unite, Un - Tangled by Kevin Murphy or Its a 10.

    • 3-Argon Oil. The one I encourage my clients to go home with is U-Oil by Unite.

    • 4-Wet Brush.

    • 5-Thermal Protectant. I’m in love with 7 Seconds Glossing by Unite. Especially for extensions, its light weight, smells amazing, and never gets greasy.

  • Try and stay away from too many “reparative” products.

    • You may still use products that help repair damage, especially if your natural hair needs the extra love. However, don’t use heavy repairing masks, or treatments daily. It’s ok to use them once a week/every other week. A great treatment for extensions, is Olaplex Number 3, as well as Restore by Kevin Murphy!


9.) Can you style them like normal hair?

  • Yes...because it’s real hair! You may have to tweak your normal styling routine, as wearing extensions you are adding a lot more hair than you’re used too. But you can straighten, curl, blow dry, etc.


10.) How much do they cost?

  • NBR Extensions are not a one size fits all deal meaning they aren’t just one set price. Cost all depends on what you’re looking to achieve, and where you’re starting out. Someone who only wants more fullness is a completely difference price range than someone who is looking for hair long enough to tuck in their pants. NBR Services range in price from $600 - $2000.00, which is why it’s so important to fill out my NBR questionnaire. This way I can give you a realistic quote.

  • Maintenance appointments also range in price depending on what is done at the initial, and range between $100 - $200, with any color services being an additional cost.                 

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