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After Care                                                                 

YAS QWEEN! You FINALLY have the hair of your dreams!


....Now what?


Well, we need to have a little convo about how to properly care for your luscious new locks! I highly recommend that you PLEASE (please, please, please) carefully review these instructions.


                       Wash Rinse Repeat

Brush your hair thoroughly BEFORE showering. 

+ Hold the top your extensions in the section you’re brushing to ease the tension on your natural hair. Starting from your ends and working your way up to the root. Remember that these extensions are attached to your natural hair. While yes, NBR is one of the least damaging methods, if you’re using too much tension and ripping through your natural hair, and extensions, there will potentially be room for damage to occur. 


Be sure to be using a sulfate free shampoo & conditioner.

I highly recommend the Iles Formula line. This line is amazing for keeping your color fresh, and helping to extend the lifetime of your extensions, not to mention all of the benefits for your natural hair.


Gently Shampoo all of your natural hair, and for those with multiple row’s, be sure to be getting in between your rows.

+ Attention: DO NOT scrub vigorously. For those of you stretching multiple day’s between washes/using product (ex. dry shampoo, root touch up spray’s, hair spray’s, volumizing and smoothing product etc.) I highly recommend shampooing twice. 

+ There is no need to roughly/vigorously scrub, as this can also cause damage to your natural hair, but it will also shorten the lifetime of your extensions.+ Rinse well. Do not leave any product behind.


Rinse Well!


Now it’s time for conditioner... an absolute MUST.

To get the best benefits of your Iles conditioner, gently use a wide tooth comb, or wet brush to evenly distribute throughout your ends.


Rinse well. When you think you’ve rinsed enough....rinse it again.


I also recommend a mask weekly/bi-weekly.

This will help add extra nourishment, as well as to help strengthen and extend the lifetime of your extensions. Again...Iles mask is to die for. 

Brush & Blow dry                           

Using a Wet Brush, or wide tooth comb starting from your ends and working your way up.

+ For those with multiple rows, I suggest clipping hair into sections. Leave out your bottom row, clip top row & natural hair out of the way. Once tangle free, drop out the next row and brush it out. Finally drop out your natural hair and again, brush thoroughly. 


Always Always Always, use a thermal protectant. Iles Formula #3 is chefs kiss.

+ Seriously, it’s life changing. It’s so much more hydrating than an oil.


Now let’s blow dry.

+ You’re going to want to rough dry 80%, or until your hair is just slightly damp. Do your best to not tug on your extensions, especially with a comb, paddle brush, or round brush. Just use your fingers. 

+ Once 80% dry, you can use your paddle or round brush to finish your blow dry (just don't get aggressive). 


If you find it’s too much hair at once, you can also separate your rows, just like when you brushed,  and work section by section. 



Brush your hair thoroughly and do not sleep with wet hair.

+ Sleeping with wet extensions can cause them to matt, and tangle.


Contain your locks!

+ One of the easiest way's, is to do either one of two braids, and secure with the "phone cord" hair ties, or a silk scrunchie. You can also try a loose pony, or a bun. 


Use a silk pillowcase.

+ Silk pillowcases are great for our skin and hair. They help your hair and skin retain moisture, and cause less friction.

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