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Women Empowering Women

Why do we tear down other women...? Why can't we just empower each other...?

Women need to pump each other up, and not tear each other down.The world would be such a better place if we focused on supporting each other, and empowering each other instead of talking shit about each other.

I truly feel like it's the jealousy monster inside of us that fuel it...My greatest example...? Any time you go out with your friends....and you see a pretty girl...a ton of people I know would rather bash her... "Who does she think she is with that dress?", "Look at her makeup, where does she think she's going", "She's probably a bitch!". Those my friends....are just examples.

How I wish we all treated said girl..."Oh my gosh I love her dress!", "Her makeup is flawless!", "I'm gonna go tell her!".

Why is that so hard for us as women? Why do we look for the bad, before we look for the good?

I truly feel like the Universe is telling me to spread my message of empowering other women...So I'm going to be featuring women who ARE empowering each other!

All photo's featured on my blog, belong to the incredibly talented Amanda White, of Dear Meraki Photography...Who I am proud to call my friend.

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Amanda White : Photographer

Our paths crossed at Roots, the Salon where I currently rent my space. From the moment she sat in my chair and started singing along to Pandora, I knew we were going to get along.

Over the past few years...I've learned that while I may not be a religious person...I'm very spiritual. I feel like what is meant to be will be...and that what we put out into this world is what we get back. People come in and out of our lives, at different times...based on what the universe thinks we need.I believe Miss Amanda is one of those people.

Surrounding ourselves with people who have a like mind, and who strive for the same goals helps you excel. When you have someone in your corner who is just as excited about their own future as they are yours...THAT is when you know you've got a friend...or someone who is on your side and wants to help you succeed.

dear meraki photography, photography, logo, photographer, western ny photographer, upstate ny photographer, girl boss, women empowering women,
Meraki(V.); to do something with soul, creativity, or love: to put something of yourself into your work.

This WOMAN has been through some shit in her life. She's one of the strongest women I know, and she is talented beyond measure.Knowing her story, her struggle. Knowing as she says, "We both have been through some shit, and we can still be positive and happy!"

I've never been comfortable in front of a camera...but with this beautiful soul...I feel like we can take on the world. I literally sat next to her this evening...watching her edit this photo...thinking....how do you do that?

If you're looking for a photographer in the Western/Upstate NY area, check out this babe!


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