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Winter Hair Tips

Has your hair been incredibly dry and staticky? What about your scalp, flaky and itchy? Tis the season my friends. So I decided to put together some tips and tricks to keep your scalp and locks, lucius and healthy this winter.

You know how your skin is always extra dry in the winter? Well...what do you think happens to your hair?! Our hair needs just as much, if not more hydration than our skin. And keeping your hair hydrated can be harder than you’d think.

So let’s start with Shampooing...Number one...

Stop over shampooing:

I know I know, your hair “gets SOOOO greasy”! Thats what you were thinking wasn’t it? Well I’m going to stop you there. Because there can be a lot of reasons why that is, and there are ways to help combat that. So hear me out.

First of all, over shampooing your hair can have the opposite effect that you want. Over shampooing can dry not only your scalp out, but it can also dry out your hair itself. Add winter dry air on top of that, and it’s no wonder you’re scalp is getting flaky and dry. I can’t say it enough, but dry shampoo. It’s a must in my eyes. There are a ton of people who have their own opinions about dry shampoo, but I am one of the supporters. For more tips about Dry Shampoo and how to use it properly click here.

So, let’s get back to the reason you’re over shampooing. You’ve got greasy hair? If your hair is getting greasy, chances are you’re not using a sulfate free shampoo. “What’s the big deal with Sulfate Free shampoo? I’ve been using plain old drug store shampoo for years, and my hair always feels clean.” Well...guess what? Sulfates do cleanse your hair. You’ve got that right for sure. However, sulfates also cause dryness, which in hand causes breakage. So now, not only do you have dryness from over shampooing, you’re using sulfates to cleanse on top of it, AND it’s winter....“But...if sulfates are drying out my hair and scalp...why am I still greasy”? It’s simple, you’re still greasy because your scalp thinks it needs to replace the oil...that is getting stripped away....because of the sulfates! See this endless cycle? There are reasons your stylist is suggesting professional products to you!

Another issue, that we don’t want to hear especially in the winter....

The temperature of your shower:

It’s freezing cold, and all you want to do it take a nice hot shower...but all that hot water is not only dehydrating your skin, but also your hair. So when you actually sit down and think about it...you’re basically cooking your hair. What would happen to a noodle if you left it in a hot pot of water on the stove? Now imagine your hair!

Shampooing your hair in Warm/Cool water is best for your hair, and can save on that extra bit of moisture you need.

Now, for you wash and go ladies....I’ve never been one of you lol. I can’t stand leaving the house with a wet head, but I know there are a ton of people out there who do it! I get it, you are low maintenance, maybe you’re a curly girl...whatever the case may be...

Stop going out with a wet head:

“But I’m the wash and go girl that you were just talking about!”

Do you know what you’re doing to your hair? When things get cold they expand...which means when you go outside in the winter, with wet hair...the hair shaft itself swells. When the hair shaft is wet it’s also more elastic, so that combination is the perfect recipe for breakage...not only that, but it’s also room for your color to fade faster.

Alrighty, I keep talking to those of you who aren’t familiar with hair care. So now that I have all of those topics above covered, let’s get a little more in depth.

Amika, Pink Charcoal Scalp Cleansing Oil, Hair Care, Scalp Detox, Scalp Cleanser
Pink Charcoal Scalp Cleansing Oil

Those of you who are already following the tips above, you’re using Sulfate Free shampoo, you’re not over washing, using warm/cool water to wash/rinse, and don’t go out with a wet head....”Why is my scalp so dry and flaky, and why is my hair still staticky and brittle.”

For those of you with a dry scalp...there are actually a few different kinds of dandruff that happen. Some of you will have more of an oily scalp, so your flakes are larger and more waxy. For you, you’ll need to focus more on your scalp care. Every couple weeks you should use a scalp detox/exfoliator. One of my favorites is the Reset Pink Charcoal Scalp Cleansing Oil by Amika. It’s gentle, and you can feel it working.

For those of you who have the tiny flakes, more like dust, you need to focus on hydration as well as your scalp The scalp cleanser will be just as good for you. But you'll also need to make sure you’re using a moisturizing and/or reparative sulfate free shampoo, as well as....the next product which also leads into my next topic...argon oil.

Argon Oils are one of our best defenses to combat dry hair.

There are ton of different options that come in sprays, as well as serums. I personally gravitate to the serum versions. My favorites are U-Oil by Unite, and Young Again by Kevin Murphy. My Extension girls know that oil is your best friend. When you have extensions, oil needs to be used twice a day as the extension hair isn’t getting as much of your natural oils as your own hair does. The oil should be used from your mid-shaft, through your ends. And in the winter, with this dry air it can even be used three to four times a day.

About once a week, maybe once every two weeks, I’ll use a little extra oil and throw my hair in some braids, or a bun and sleep with it in. This really helps add that extra hydration. If your hair is staticky, try using an argon oil of some sorts. Kevin Murphy has a dry oil spray, called Shimmer Me Blonde, that you can keep in your purse. It comes in two different options, one for warmer tones, and one for cooler tones. If you find yourself getting staticky after running errands because you’re going from the cold, to the warm air, just use a few sprays of the oil, and brush it through. It’ll actually benefit your hair by adding the extra moisture, rather than just using a dryer sheet, which is only helping to rid you of the static.

Another tip for that extra hydration is to use a leave in conditioner. I always recommend leave in’s to my clients, not just in the winter. Leave in conditioners, usually double as a detangler, which helps avoid unnecessary breakage along with adding that extra moisture we need. My favorites, 7 Seconds by Unite, and Untangled by Kevin Murphy.

My last tip for keeping those locks of your hydrated and healthy this winter, is to use a conditioning treatment, or mask. How often you use it really depends on the condition of your hair. Some people will need to use it once, or twice a week. And others once every other week. It really just depends on what you have going on. Just remember, with conditioning treatments, more isn’t always best. Sometimes too much protein is just as bad as not enough. So listen to your stylists recommendation. My favorite treatment, is Olaplaex No. 3. And yes, this can even be used on your NBR extensions ladies!

I hope these tips and tricks are just what you needed this winter! Do you have any topics you’d like me to touch on? If so, send me a message or comment below! I’d love to hear from you guys, and to find out what kinds of things you’d like to hear from me on!



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