• Katie Pahura

Why, West Coast Hair Extensions & Styling?

Main Beach: Laguna Beach, California

From day one in my new salon suite the question so many have been asking is, “Why name your space West Coast”? It’s the question that inspired me to sit down and actually put pen to paper, and tell you all a little story.

When I was 11..maybe 12 years old, I received the news that part of my family was going to be packing up and heading cross country for my Uncles job. My heart broke a little that day, knowing that they weren’t going to be just a 15 minute drive away. When I look back at my childhood, so many memories are flooded with my family that moved away. My Aunt and Uncle are more like another set of parents, and my cousins more like siblings to me.

After a little while of them being in California, My Mom decided it was time to take my brother and I on our first trip to the West Coast, and to make a long story short, I fell completely in love. When we got home I made my mind up that as soon as I graduated High School, I was going to move to California.

As we all know...things change as we grow up. Our dreams that we have when we’re young morph and change, and some disappear all together. Ideas of the future are altered by the lessons in life that we go through. And where we think we’ll end up when we’re little...doesn’t always work out.

Life happens.

I moved to California when I was 19, and only made it a few months before moving back home to New York. However, my love of the West Coast has never changed. If anything my love for the state of California, and the West Coast in general has only gotten stronger.

Each time I visit, it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. As crazy as some people may think it is, I feel like every time I leave a little piece of me gets left behind. If I won the lottery tomorrow, you better believe that this girl is packing up and waving bye bye to New York. However, until that happens, here we are!

So I decided that I was going to bring my love of California, to the East Coast. I decided that I was going to take my favorite things about California, and pour it into my business. From the types of Hair services I offer, to Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions (that were born and created in California), to the decor, and the vibe itself.

Main Beach: Laguna Beach, California

I’m making it my goal to bring the West Coast to the East Coast. To provide an experience, and environment that makes you feel like you’re stepping into my little piece of California.

And that my friends, is where “West Coast Hair Extensions & Styling” was born.



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