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Why aren't you getting the pinterest hair you asked for?

It’s Transformation Tuesday and I was feeling inspired to share a little bit with my followers about hair color!

When you’re sitting on Pinterest searching for a hair color you find these gorgeous women with hair that is nothing like yours. Maybe you have fine shoulder length hair, and the photo you find the model hair down to her waist, and it’s super thick!

So you bring the photo to your stylist. You tell her you want “this exact color”, and she tells you she can achieve it...however...when you get home you stare at yourself in the mirror...you love the tones. But the placement of the color isn’t right where you wanted it. You compare yourself to the photo, and you can’t put your finger on it...but something is off. 

While you may love the tones of the girls  hair in the picture, the unfortunate reality is that we as artists can’t give you the exact recreation of what is going on in the photo. Not because we can’t get to the tones you want...but because you don’t have enough hair to create the same dimension that’s in the picture!

More often than not, “Pinterest Models” number one have extensions in to give the look of more fullness! Not to mention that the photos have been altered or filtered in order to achieve the look that specific stylist was looking for to add to her “feed”. 

Especially when it comes to blondes. When women see that beautiful silver blonde, what they don’t know is how many sessions and how many hours the girl from Pinterest was in the salon to achieve it. And in person it’s not quite as silver as you thought because the stylist edited the photo. (Please note, I do not filter any photo's of hair color. They are all taken in natural lighting, and the only editing done is the blurring out/whitening of the background).

I’m not saying that’s the case all the time! But it does happen! 

Hair coloring is an art. But you have to remember that in order to achieve certain looks not only do you need to make sure you have the same hair type as the photo you’ve chosen...your hair has to go through different processes. And..it doesn’t matter how many bond builders are out there...sometimes it isn’t safe for you to drastically change your color in one session... If your stylist says she can get you to where you want to be in one sitting...be cautious. 

While going darker is  easier for us as stylists, going lighter can be a different story. I’m going to give you a little example.


Let’s say you have black hair, but you want to be blonde....in hair dresser land, we call the different colors “levels”. 1 being the darkest, and 10 being the lightest...aka black is 1, blonde is 10. That means there are 9 different levels your hair has to get through to be blonde!

Color level system
Photo Found on Pinterest - I do not own the rights.

Personally when I have a client that wants to go through a transformation like this, I want to ensure I protect the integrity of their hair. Meaning, I don’t want to FRY THEIR HAIR OFF. And when going through a huge change like that...it can easily be done. 

The best way to protect the integrity of your hair is to lighten it in stages! If your stylist says she is going to get you from a level 1 to a 10 in one session...in a few hours...I would offer up some questions....

To have that done safely...there is usually more than one stylist working on the head...sometimes up to 4 people, possibly even more! There are assistants constantly spraying out sections with water to ensure it doesn’t get to far, and not to mention the fact that these people are paying hundreds of dollars, as this is considered a corrective color!

Let’s think about Julianne Hough for a second. She went from Ginger to Blonde in one day...but it took her stylist Riawna of Nine Zero One, 7 hours!!! Yes, 7 hours! It’s not an easy task people. 

One last topic for your color! Make sure you’re using professional products to protect not only your hair integrity...but your color! How much money did you spend to get your color? Probably a decent investment...so why would you then wash that investment with $3.00 shampoo that’s going to strip your color in a couple days?!

Protect your investment! And talk to your stylist about what professional products are their favorites!

If you have any questions comment with them, or send me an email and I would be more than happy to answer them!

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