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What the heck are NBR Hair Extensions?

I have a ton of new faces around here, and a bunch of you have been reaching out to me for more details on the Hair Extensions that I offer! So I figured I would take some time to introduce myself, and share more info about my journey and why I chose this method of extensions!

I’m Katie, I have been a hairstylist for just shy of 10 years! I rent my chair out of Roots Hair Salon in Albion, NY. We’re smack in the middle of Rochester, and Buffalo!

I’ve been wearing Hair Extensions pretty much since I learned what they were. Even when I was little I remember wearing the crazy clip in pony tails, I even lost one during a dance recital when I was around 12 (not embarrassing at all...)!

I spent almost a year researching the method of extensions that I offer, before I fully committed to the class. The class is only offered in California, and we’ll just say it was an INVESTMENT, so I was a little leery to spend that chunk of change when I had no idea if this was something that would truly benefit my business.

Long story short I took the leap....and I headed to California in May of last year....needless to say my life has changed for the better. Not only have I found the perfect method of extensions for my own hair...It’s a method that I am fully confident providing to my clients. I know with 100% certainty that their hair will be safe, they don’t have to worry about any damage, and the confidence these women gain in a matter of the few ours they’re with me....you just can’t put a price on that.

So what are these extensions? What’s so special about them?

The method of extensions that I offer, are called Natural Beaded Rows A.K.A “NBR”.

Natural Beaded Rows are a version of a track method, meaning a track is created around the head, and wefts of hair are then sewn to that track. A lot of people currently refer to them as “Handtied Hair Extensions”, because the hair extensions themselves are Handtied Extensions. This simply means the wefts of hair are actually sewn by hand, this creates a very thin weft which lays flat to the head. So! When you are researching “Handtied Extensions” make sure you know which method of installation is being used....because there are LOTS of differences in the way they are installed.

With NBR, or Natural Beaded Rows, micro beads and string are used to create a track around the head. This method is amazing, because there are minimal points of contact. Why’s that important? Because the more points of contact = the more chances of damage occurring. With NBR, there are 15 -45 points of contact depending on how many rows you’ll need. Whereas with other extension methods, for example Micro Link or Keratin Fusion, there are over 100!

NBR Extensions are also fully customizable. Meaning there isn’t one set price as every single person will have different needs that need to be met. I have an entire blog post already dedicated to breaking down pricing, which you can click here to read.

Natural Beaded Rows gave me the hair I’ve always dreamed of, and I honestly never thought it would be possible! For more information about NBR and how you can have Natural Beaded Rows of your own, click here to head over to to the NBR Page of my blog. There you’ll find more information, including an entire FAQ Section, and my NBR Application.



First Two Photo's by: Basically Emily

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