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What's The Price of NBR Extensions?

It's the question EVERYONE is dying to find out....

Everyday my inboxes are flooded with, "Hey Girl! How much is NBR?!", and while you may think that's your best option to get a quick answer...it's not.

Like I've mentioned before in my NBR FAQ's, Natural Beaded Row Extensions are not a One Size Fits All service.

Meaning there isn't just ONE set price.

Natural Beaded Row Extensions are customized to every individual client that sits in my chair. From the number of rows you'll need (1-3), to the amount of hair placed on each row, to the color of hair I specifically order for you, not to mention when that hair comes in I will custom color it to seamlessly blend with your hair.

See why they're not one size fits all?!

I have an NBR Application for a reason my friends, and I do require this to be filled out entirely before I can get you a quote.

With that being said, to prepare yourself prior to filling out the application, NBR Services range in price anywhere from $800.00 - $2000.00. And maintenance appointments will run you anywhere from $100-$200, with any color services being additional.

Someone who is happy with their length and is only looking for more fullness, is in a completely separate ballpark than someone who is looking for hair long enough to tuck in their pants.

Once your application is filled out entirely, I'll be able to better give you a realistic number. Which leads me to the fact that the initial appointment is all package pricing. This is to ensure the best possible outcome.

During your initial appointment, as an artist I need to make sure you leave the salon with the best possible outcome. And package pricing gives me the freedom to do this.

The Initial Appointment includes, The Extension Hair Itself, Color for both the extensions, and your hair (if needed), installation, cut, and style.

I've had women try and barter pricing with me, "Well could you do less rows?", "You don't have to add as much hair... ", "I don't need you to cut it." etc.

Unfortunately, that's not how NBR works, and...to be quite frank...that's just not how I roll.

Number 1.) You'll be investing a significant amount of money in your NBR Extensions, do you really want to chance the outcome being less than you imagined?

And Number 2.) You are legitimately a walking billboard of my work.

Natural Beaded Rows are not only an investment in your bank account, but they're also an investment in yourself.

It's almost an indescribable feeling once you've made the leap. But I can promise you it won't be a decision you regret, and will be one of the greatest investments you've ever made.

From thinking you can't ever have the hair of your dreams...to waking up and it being a reality...now that's priceless.

Click here to fill out your NBR application today!

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