• Katie Pahura

We all have priorities...

A lot of people keep saying they can’t see spending money on their hair, let alone on NBR Extensions. While I am not one of those people, I can relate!

Let me tell you how...

Some of us can spend $500.00 on a purse and not even blink an eye...and then there’s people like me, who cringe at seeing a $45.00-$50.00 price tag.

We ALL have different priorities!

Hair is one of mine. It always has been. But yet, has been something I’ve always been self conscious of.

My hair is the most important part of my outfit. Especially because I’m a hairstylist! My point being...Hair is basically an accessory!

We really don’t think about our hair that way though...do we? As an accessory?

But think about it! It’s something we change daily. Whether it’s down, in a pony, in braids, headband, straight, scarf, curly, hat, half up, etc. you get it!

And come to think of it...It’s pretty much the only accessory I don’t take off...besides my wedding rings....when have you ever thought about your hair like that?

Some of us just aren’t blessed with great hair. Some of us were born with bad hair, or so so Hair. Maybe Hair that’s good, just too short, or damaged from chemicals. Some of us have had postpartum hair loss. Some of us have had health issues which has changed everything about our hair. I could go on.

With Hair it’s hard. Sometimes we think we’re stuck with what we’ve got. But what if I told you that’s not true?

Natural Beaded Rows have changed lives.

Natural Beaded Row Extensions have given women the confidence they never had. They feel good about themselves. They feel beautiful. They feel sexy for once in their lives!

Yes, NBR Extensions are an investment. Which is where a lot of people start to change their minds.

But you know what...that designer hand bag is an investment too...so are those heals, so is that fancy car....

So why is it that women feel like they can’t invest in their hair?

You don’t wear those heals everyday...you swap out your handbag, that expensive dress is hanging in the closet (maybe still in the dress bag...with a price tag on it) and if that car is as fancy as I think it is, you probably don’t drive it all year round.

So...everyone of you reading this...I’m challenging you.

Walk around your house. Peak in your cupboards. Open up your closet. Dig through your dresser. Turn the light on in your basement. Head up to the attic. And maybe even browse around the garage.

How many countless possessions have gone untouched...how many purses and shoes and dresses have gone unworn...for YEARS?

So why is it so hard to make that investment in yourself? In an investment that you’ll wear every day? In an investment that will save you time? And investment that will give you the confidence you’ve never had?

I made the decision. Then I made the investment. And now I'm never turning back.

When you decide you’re ready to invest in yourself, click the NBR Extension tab and fill out your own application.



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