• Katie Pahura

We ALL Have Flaws

We may not want to admit it, but we've all got them. We might not be proud of them...But they're what make us...well....us.

For all of us who have social media these days, it's easy for us to show the "Highlight Reel". You know? The best parts of the week?! The days where we had the best makeup, or the best outfit. The day we felt great about how our butt looked in that picture. The day you had the best time of your life!

Those are just the highlights.

Those are the days we want the world to see...

But...what about everything beyond the Highlight Reel?

Maybe the fact that you cried before you left the house, and had to put your smile on. How stressful it can be being your own boss? How it's hard to balance work, and family, and friends? How we've been killing ourselves working, but so and so invited you to their get together and you feel like you have to go...But when you get there you're exhausted and want to curl up in a corner and sleep!? How you and your husband haven't been doing well, but no ones supposed to know, so you go a head and pretend like nothings wrong, and post something sweet about him?!

I. Could. Go. On.

We don't post that stuff.

Because why?

Because if we do it won't seem like we have our lives together?


I don't know SINGLE person that does!

How many of us don't know where life is actually going to go? How many of us feel like we've been through more hard times than some people go through in a lifetime? How many of us just sit down at the end of the week to count the positive, just because there has been so much negative?!

We show the highlight reel because that's what people want. They don't want to see the hurt, or the rough patches. They don't want to know that even the happiest of people have the hardest of times!

That would mean even the best of the best struggle...

And that's not what the movies have made us believe all of our lives.

We all get to live happily ever after....

That's what society has told us....But....in reality....

We only live happily ever after when we put the work in!

If we're honest. If we have the best intentions, and we stay true to ourselves and our character.

Take the time to learn about yourself. Honestly! Learn all of your likes. Learn all of your dislikes. Lean your things that give people gold stars...and learn your deal breakers. But most importantly...

Learn to love all of you. And that includes all of your flaws. Because they make you...you.

It has taken me longer than I'd like to admit to love mine.

Want to know a few? I'm extremely stubborn. A negative about being stubborn....it might take me a little while to admit I was wrong about whatever...But...I will always apologize when needed, and sincerely! No fake apologies here! They're never empty, and always come from the heart. But...a positive about being stubborn? When I wan't something....I'm going to figure out a way to get it. I'm gonna work for it. And It's going to happen.

Another....I overthink...everything. No matter how hard I try not to...I just do. I've gotten a little better over the years. But it's like a I have a sixth sense about people and their emotions. Someone could be upset about something, something that has nothing to do with me... but if I'm around them...I can just tell something is off...I just know when something is up! And I'll let it eat away at me, thinking I did something to upset them. When in reality it had nothing to do with me, and I worked myself up for no reason! But a positive about being an over thinker...I care so deeply for people. Even when some people don't deserve it.

These are just a few of mine.

I could go on and on.

So seriously take some time for yourself. Go sit in a quiet space, a space where you're most comfortable. And write down all of your attributes! All the positive that you bring to the table. But also write down your flaws.

Because all those pieces of us...they make us...us.

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