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The Puppy Who Made Me a Fur Mom

This dog. He changed my life. To some people animals...are just that. Animals. They don’t feel a connection with them. They don’t see why people have them. They don’t care about them.

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I am at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. My dogs are my children. They are my babies. And I truly believe I am their Mama!

Today I had the full intention of sitting down and writing a post about my tee shirt. Yup. That old holy thing. But when Charlie hopped up on the bed when I went to snap this picture, it completely changed my vision.

Charlie is 8 years old, and has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. Which brings me to, this tee shirt....some of you will look at it and think “throw that ratty thing away!” Some of my friends will think, “oh here’s Katie, being her pack rat self!”

But what you all don’t know....This is my Dad’s shirt. For those of you who don’t know, I lost my Dad when I was 15. So...this shirt may look like it’s going to fall apart at any moment...it’s one of the only things I have left of him. And it holds so. many. memories. It was the first shirt I knew I needed. I remember him wearing it. I remember the first hole he had in it. I remember good times. Bad times. and all the times in between.

I hold on to things, because while they just might be things....they remind me of memories.

My husband calls me a horder, but really I’m just a pack rat. I have old stuffed animals, papers, magazines, decorations, you name it. I’ve got it. But each thing that I have holds a memory, and without those things....how will I be reminded of them?

Charlie...may not be a thing. But he holds just as many memories.

This dog.

My first born. The puppy who made me a Fur Mom.

The little brown boy that stole my heart the moment I saw his droopy eyes.

The puppy who turned me into a single Mom. Who made me a zombie the first month I had him, because we were waking up 3 times a night!

The puppy who made me slightly crazy.

The sassy boy who would bark at me from under the dining room table.

The dogy that helped get me through the unknown.

The dog who went cross country with me. TWICE.

The dog whose love it endless.

He may be a pain in the ass sometimes. He may have earned his nickname “cow dog” because of how klutzy he is.

But he is mine.

He taught me to love unconditionally.

There are times, where I wear this shirt...and just cry. I may be strong. But there are just some of those days where I need my Dad. There are so many times I wish he was here. Just to have a conversation. To ask how his day was. To help me shop for my new car. To walk me down the isle.

I know this will probably sound crazy to some...but I truly believe that my Dad sent me Charlie. I feel like he knew that’s what I needed to heal. And to be completely honest, If I didn’t have Charlie. If I didn’t have that responsibility, I probably wouldn’t have ended up where I am today. I wouldn’t have healed from losing my Dad. And I really don’t know the kind of person I would have turned into.

Every single time there’s a tear rolling down my cheek....Charlie Brown is by my side. I could be in a completely different room in the house....and Charlie just knows. He comes up to me, puts his chin on me, and lets me squeeze him as tight as I can for as long as I need to. Until my tears stop.

That’s what dogs can do if you just open your heart to them.

They change you for the better. They teach you things you never knew. And they take a piece of your heart, from the moment you know they’re yours.

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