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The NBR Difference

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

All extensions are not created equal. What is so special about Natural Beaded Row Extensions? Why do I feel like they're the best? What is SO different than other methods?

As someone who has worn extensions for almost 10 years, I've tried them all! From old school glue in's, to clip in's, nothing will EVER get me away from NBR.

A lot of people have heard the horror stories about extensions. How damaging they are, how you end up with less hair on your head than before you had them in. Extensions falling out when you're walking down the street. A gust of wind will blow, and expose all of the clips or bonds. Excessive tangling, dreading, or matting!

With NBR....Those worries are slim to none. First, I'd like to show you a little comparison. This isn't knocking other versions, I'm only showing you the difference!

Here we have some very common methods of extensions. Two of which I have worn myself. While both methods gave me the length I wanted, they had aspects I personally wasn't a fan of. When I wore tape in extensions (far right photo), I couldn't wear my hair in a pony tail, unless it was a very low one. Every time I would go to put it up, the bonds would bend funny, and you could see them. The same thing with when the wind blew! Everyone could see my bonds, especially because the color didn't match exactly. When you're a highlighted blonde, that means we still have some roots, and they just didn't blend exactly. I also had to be very careful with what products I was using in my hair, because the tape adhesive would breakdown, and the extensions would slip out all the way, or down far enough that I had to take them out.

With the Keratin Fusion Extensions (far left photo), not only did I have the same issue with the bonds showing in the breeze. But I also had more issues of them showing all on their own, if I wasn't careful as to how I styled my hair for the day. My natural hair is SO fine, that they would peak through unexpectedly, and friends or family would give me a nudge and say...."I can see your weave". While I don't care if people know I have extensions....That doesn't mean I want everyone to see them!

Here, we have Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Each set of extensions are custom colored to blend seamlessly with your hair. That way, when the wind blows, you don't have to worry about your bonds showing. You can put your hair in a pony tail, you can braid it, you can do whatever you want, and the only way people are going to know you have extensions, is if you tell them....orrrr you let me post a before and after picture! Muahahah! People seriously won't believe you!

Another reason they're my favorite method? Less points of contact with your hair...which means less damage, and less breakage.

With Natural Beaded Row's (right) there are only about 15 points of contact per row. Most women end up with two rows, which means only 30 points of contact. Whereas with Micro Beaded Extensions (middle), and Keratin Fusion (left), there can be over 100!

In my experience, they were less comfortable to wear. And I ended up with thinner hair once I took them out, than when I started, from all of the breakage.

Again! I am not knocking these methods! I'm showing you the difference, and I'm sharing my experiances!

If you're ready to experience Natural Beaded Row Extensions for yourself, click here!

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