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How can Hair Extensions help the "In Between" Stage, of growing out your hair.

Today a memory popped up on my Facebook, and I couldn’t help but dive in and share how much has changed!

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A year ago I had my first experience with Keratin Fusion Extensions. My hair was in the in between stage of growing out, and I was at the point where it just needed to be longer or I was going to chop it off again...but I so desperately wanted long hair...how many of us go through that?!🙋🏼

Keratin Fusion Extensions

At the time I had learned about Natural Beaded Row Extensions, however no one in our area did them, and at that point I wasn’t willing to travel to get them done. 

The Keratin Extensions looked beautiful, they gave me the length I’d always wanted. They were blended beautifully by my stylist, and she really did an amazing job! However, the longer I wore them, the more problems I ran into. 

While I loved the length they gave me...they were doing serious damage to my actual hair. Because my natural hair is on the finer side, it’s easier for breakage to occur. And with the keratin fusion extensions there are so many points of contact on the head...that I was losing more hair than I could afford. 

We all used to joke about my “weave”, especially in the salon. I’d be walking around and extensions would just fall out...Sometimes I’d quick pick up the little piece and toss it in the garbage before anyone could see. And other times...unbeknownst to me, I’d lose pieces...and we’d all laugh about it. But secretly it was a little embarrassing. I don’t care that people know I wear extensions...but that doesn’t mean I want people to see them falling out...or be able to see them on my head. Which! People could also see if I didn’t style my hair appropriately. 

I wore my extensions to California for my cousin’s wedding, and I realized if I didn’t take them out...I was going to end up bald....okay...that’s an exaggeration. But! They were thinning my hair out more than I could handle. 

When I got home I took them out and was devastated. My hair was so broken. So thin. And there really wasn’t anything I could do about it. 

Which is when I dove head first into NBR. 

NBR, Natural Beaded Rows, Hair Extensions
NBR(Natural Beaded Row's) Extensions

I took the leap, and I signed up for my first Intensive class to learn an extension method that would change lives. Including mine. I’ve been wearing NBR extensions since May, and not only have they helped fill in the extreme breakage that occurred from the fusion extensions. They also have helped my hair continue to grow, and it’s officially gotten past that “in between” stage of growth. Extensions (of any kind) can be a saving grace when you're going through that tough stage. They can save you from making a decision you regret. And they're seriously an amazing option for women who are on the edge, and aren't ready to give up growing out their hair.

Without NBR extensions I would have ended up chopping my hair again...when all I’ve ever wanted is long, thick, beautiful locks. Not to mention that I don’t have to worry about losing hair, or people seeing my extensions when the wind blows because they are so seamless!

Now, I’d like to throw out there that I’m not knocking fusion extensions. Everyone has a method that works for them! Women who have thicker hair, that’s stronger and can hold the weight, would fair far better with them than I did! However, us ladies with thin, fragile hair do so much better with other methods, like NBR. 

If you’re thinking about making a change in your extension method, or are tired of being in that “in between” stage click here to apply for your own NBR extensions!

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