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The Face Behind The Camera: Rose Pine Photography

Photography is something I’ve always had a passion for. I love being creative and mostly, I just love the art of it. It takes a special person to be a photographer. It’s not as simple as snapping a picture. It’s knowing lighting, and angles. It’s learning how to pose people, and make it look natural. It’s catching little details. And mostly what I love about it...it’s an expression of the person behind the camera.

The ARTIST behind the camera.

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While I am not a photographer, I have so much respect for them. I can’t tell you how many photographers I follow on social media, from all over the world. Photography is art, one of my favorite categories. It doesn’t matter if it’s a portrait of someone, a landscape shot of nature, or a beautifully styled flat lay of coffee and pumpkins.

Photography is art, and I’m on a mission to work with female photographers in our area. I want to show off the talented artists here in Western New York, and let people get to know the face behind the camera.

A lot of people may not know this, but a few years ago I got a part time job at Maurice’s. While working there I was surrounded by some of the most genuine, and talented women I’ve ever met. One of them being the face behind the camera of Rose Pine Photography, Miss Danielle Phelps.

Danielle and I hit it off right from the beginning. Her bubbly, eccentric personality was almost a mirror of my own, and she soon became one of my favorite ladies to work with. She’s seriously one of the most amazing humans I know. She can strike up a conversation with ANYONE, and doesn’t ever run out of things to talk about.

Not only is she the face behind the camera of Rose Pine Photography. She’s spent the last few years working as the Marketing Specialist, and Graphic Designer for Keller International.

Miss Danielle of Rose Pine Photography is originally from Attica, NY, and has been living in Brockport for the last few years.

Danielle was 20 years old when she purchased her first camera off of Craigslist. She thought it was the greatest thing ever, until she started upgrading and realized the importance of cameras and all of their functions. Her boyfriend surprised her with her current camera, and this one she says, captures everything she wants perfectly!

When I asked Danielle of Rose Pine Photography what made her become a photographer, I was blown away! Needless to say, art pretty much runs in the family. Her Mother is a painter, and her Father is a musician, so you could say that art was born into her! Not only are her parents artists, so are their friends. One of them being the man who inspired Danielle to get her first camera! Who is this man you may ask? His name is Brody Wheeler, an award winning photographer (also from Attica, NY) who has worked with this little known sports team you may have heard of...the Buffalo Sabres! Not only did Brody inspire her, he also helped her get started.

Blog, Blogger, Natural Beaded Row Extensions, Anthropologie, Fall, Holley Falls, Blonde, Fall Leaves, Rose Pine Photography

We all have favorite aspects of our work, so I had to ask Danielle some of her favorite things about being a photographer.

The first thing I asked her about was, what is her favorite thing to photograph?

Queue the “Daw” moment! Her favorite photoshoots are engagement sessions. And her reason, was so so so sweet, “I love engagement photo’s. Something about seeing the happy couple so in love makes me want to capture every moment. I also LOVE taking photos of coffee, and food, because coffee is life...” And...if you know me....I run on coffee, one more reason I love this girl.

The next favorite I asked her about? What is her favorite part of photography?! Her answer just shows how much of a true artist she really is. She said, “Seeing the before and after of editing and really turning a photo into something special.” I have to say, I'm not a photographer, but before and afters....are my favorites too!

We all face challenges, and photography is no exception. From battling the weather, especially here in Western New York, to working with live models! So I was curious what Danielle of Rose Pine Photography, felt is the most challenging part for her. She says, “This is a tough question...I think the most challenging thing is getting people to do what I want in my brain...to people who can’t read my brain!”

Leading off of challenges in photography I had to ask what her best piece of advice would be for new photographers starting out? Her response....god I love this girl, “Don’t doubt yourself! Don’t compare to other photographers and just be yourself! Looking at other people’s work should inspire you, not make you doubtful of yourself!” That my friends....is gold. Not only for photographers...but for anyone out there! Comparison is the thief of joy. And if we can all learn to stop comparing ourselves to others, and focus on drawing inspiration from what you love about them...it would make the world such a happier place!

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The last few questions I asked Miss Danielle, really help show who she is, and what she loves. I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world to photograph whatever she wanted, where would she go? Her response...a girl after my own heart! Danielle said, “SCOTLAND, and IRELAND! Hands down. Cliffs of Moher, Castles, Mountains, it’s quite literally a perfect dream to photograph there!”

Some of her hobbies include traveling, so I don’t have a shred of doubt in my mind that we’ll see SO many magical photos from Rose Pine Photography in the future! Danielle and a group of her friends recently went on a trip to Europe this past year, and I just about died seeing all of the beautiful photos she captured!

Needless to say Miss Danielle of Rose Pine Photography, is just one of the many talented female photographers in our area. Working with her, she made me SO comfortable in front of the camera. Something I’m still getting used too...Inside...I’m still making my cheesy, goofy faces. But with her I didn’t feel like I had to! She made me feel as though I could put my complete trust in her, and just let go. Seeing some of the sneak peeks from the shoot we did....I feel like she captured exactly what was in my mind. We couldn’t stop with the “YAS” girl’s!!! We couldn’t stop smiling, and every time she stopped to show me the images she captured, I was even more excited to keep going!

Blog, Blogger, Natural Beaded Row Extensions, Anthropologie, Fall, Holley Falls, Blonde, Fall Leaves, Rose Pine Photography

While Miss Danielle has been in this area her whole life, her and her boyfriend will actually be heading out on their next big adventure... She will be moving to Virginia in a few weeks. I’m so excited for her and her man! But have to say I’m so sad her talent wont be here in Western New York anymore.

However! She will still be here for the next few weeks, so If you love what you’ve read, and what you’ve seen please don’t hesitate to reach out to her for your own shoot OR if you live in Virgina, reach out to this beautiful babe!

Danielle, I thank you so much for working with me, and for letting me pick your brain! Thank you for being you, and I wish you nothing but the best in all of your adventures!

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