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The Face Behind the Camera: Basically Emily

What a wonderful thing it is to find individuals with such talent. Especially when they show up in a white jeep, on the side of the road, with their camera in hand.

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After years of creeping on this girl, I actually got to meet her in person. I finally got to meet the face behind the camera of Basically Emily, the beautiful Emily Easton.

We’ll just say Emily, of Basically Emily is a Boss!

It was absolutely amazing to get to work with her. Being surrounded by women who are so creative always inspires me. Especially when you’re laughing and smiling the entire time.

I’ve always been in awe of Emily, of Basically Emily’s work. Her eye is IMPECCABLE! She’s not afraid to give direction, which for being in front of the camera is a must for me (or else I’m a deer in headlights, and have no idea what to do with my hands). From the simplest of things, such as, “tuck your pocket just a little more”, or “lift up your bag up a tad higher”, to “Pull your knee back a touch”, she knows what she wants and she knows just how to capture it.

I especially love it when I connect with women I can relate too. Those who are close to my age, and from a small town. But have big dreams, and think the skies the limit.

Emily of Basically Emily is from Oakfield, NY and is 26 years young. It’s no wonder why this lady is so talented behind the camera, she’s had one in her hand for as long as she can remember. Photography turned into a hobby of Emily’s growing up, as she started off with landscape shots. She say’s “I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer until I was 20 years old”. She actually got her start as a photographer while she was living in North Carolina. Having trouble finding a job, she made one of the most amazing decisions to turn her hobby into a business. Emily say’s, “I never expected it to take off and be where I am today.

Some of my favorite questions to ask these talented ladies, what is your favorite thing to photograph, and what is your favorite part of photography?

Emily said, “I think my favorite thing would have to be adventurous elopements...I don’t do too many of those unfortunately. Second to that would have to be shooting adventurous couples.” When she said that....I seriously started day dreaming about asking my husband for a divorce....only so we could get married again, and hire Basically Emily to shoot our elopement somewhere magical!

And Emily’s second answer was just as sweet as could be, and if I were actually getting married again, I would have her in the top of my list of photographers. Hearing these words from her just shows how much she cares about what she’s capturing. She said, “My favorite part would have to be meeting my clients and making them branch out and have fun with one another. Most couples just live day to day and don’t take the time to make each other a priority. So I like to have my clients use my photography sessions as “date nights””.

And how true is that? How many times do you sit on the couch, silent next to one another. Not because anything is wrong. But because you’re both just exhausted from the week. Or maybe you’ve just been together for so long and you’ve lost a little bit of that spark that you two originally had? A couples session is seriously one of the best idea’s I’ve ever heard of for a date night. Not only do you get a date out of it, but you’ll get photographic memories that will last a lifetime, and you’ll cherish forever.

Some more of my favorite questions I feel like...are fun things to know! Especially coming from someone who is really creative. One of them being, if you weren’t a photographer what would you be doing? And Miss Emily said she’d actually be in the medical field!

And the next! What are your hobbies besides photography? She’s a travel bug to say the least!

Emily said, "I LOOOOVE traveling. I am constantly seeking some sort of adventure. The mountains are my favorite go to.”

If you’re familiar with this beauties work, you’ll know that that statement is 100% true! Take one look at her Instagram page, and you’ll see that this gypsy soul has traveled allllll over! Which leads me to when I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world to photograph whatever she wanted, where would she go and why? Her absolute dream location was Iceland....did you pick up that I said WAS!? That’s because this past summer Emily actually had the chance to go to Iceland, and based on the photo’s I’m blown away! She is seriously one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met, and have been lucky enough to work with. She also said of all the places in the would, she’d love to go to Alberta, Canada!

My last questions for Emily, of Basically Emily are kind of hard hitters. Well...not hard hitters but they’re questions that I don’t think a lot of people ask! Which is why I like to know, and I hope they’re something that will help other photographers as well!

My first, What is the most challenging part of photography?

Emily said, “The constant need to keep learning and being better everyday. They say that if you think you’re the best and see no room for improvement you’ll never be the best.

How true is that?

Not just in the world of photography, but anything! I can say the same thing of hairstyling, as well as blogging. If you’re not constantly challenging yourself to be better, you’ll remain stagnant, with no room for growth!

My last question for my photographers is for advice. Advice for other photographers starting out. Miss Emily’s advice....is one to quote.

“If you’re a new photographer starting out...my best advice to you would be to NEVER compare yourself to others. As hard as that is. Do you, and be creative for you. Have tunnel vision, and stay on your own path. Don’t let anyone else determine how you need to create.”

Sit on that for a minute.

That advice is also relatable to anything in life. Not just photography.

Remember that comparisson is the thief of joy. Comparisson leads us down a dark road, and sucks the literal joy out of what we do, no matter what field you work in.

Focus on being the best version of you that you can be. And that’s where real creativity comes into play. Stop focusing on who you have to be better than. because the only person who you should try to be better than...is yourself.

I would like to end this with a HUGE thank you to Miss Emily Easton, of Basically Emily. Thank you not only for your time in answering my questions, and for our shoot together, but for the beautiful work you put out into the world. And the inspiration you’re helping to instil in others.

You can follow Emily on social media, as well as her on website. And also don’t forget to check out this list of her published work below!

Published Work:

East Carolina Bride

Wandering Weddings

Vibrant Light Magazine

Looks Like Film

Step out Buffalo

Wedding Wire

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