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Styling a Boho Jumpsuit

Okay, so we all know I'm addicted to shopping...the first step is admitting it...so I know I'm on the right path! Haha! I keep seeing all of these amazing deals from some of my favorite big name stores, but in all seriousness in these unsure times, I know rationally... feeding my shopping addiction isn't a good idea.

HOWEVER, I also know in these times, other small businesses are also struggling. So when I saw this adorable jumpsuit in my Facebook feed, I did not feel bad about ordering it online! It's the first time I've shopped with Just Gorgeous Darling Boutique (a local boutique & small business owner), and it won't be the last. It feels so good supporting a local small business & female entrepreneur, especially when her stuff is THIS CUTE!

This jumpsuit also got my wheels turning as soon as I saw it. I saw a few different women saying that it was adorable, but they could never pull it off, and ladies....That is SO NOT TRUE! Everyone can pull off a jumpsuit in their own way, they just have to find the right option for them!

Soooooo, here are some different way's you can style this particular jumpsuit! Scroll away and enjoy!



Jumpsuit: Just Gorgeous Darling Boutique

Hat: Urban Outfitters

White Tee: Target

Bralette: Vici

Heals: Free People

Sneakers: Soludo's

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