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Shopping is My Drug of Choice

I LOVE clothes. And to be honest I kind of always have. There's something really special to me about being able to express yourself through fashion. I don't even know how to describe it, it just fulfills me.

For a long time I was limited in what I wore. At the first salon I worked in we had an all black dress code, and when I worked in the office things were so strict that I didn't even want to rock the boat, and pretty much felt like I couldn't be myself.

But now, being my own boss....I get to wear whatever I want...whenever I want. And when it comes to shopping...It doesn't matter if it's online, in store, or hold up...I can't believe I'm even going to say it....but even catalog shopping....I freaking LOVE IT!

I get shit from people all the time about my shopping habits. But it doesn't stop me. I've spent a lot of time working my ass off to be able to spend the way I spend. And I'm not ashamed of it. Shopping honestly brings me joy, and what brings me even more joy is knowing that I worked hard for the things that I have. It took me a long time to get to where I am now, and it's a goal I set for myself!

I have to say I'm not picky where I shop. It doesn't have to be brand name, my only requirement...that it's cute and makes me happy! It can be from Walmart...or Anthropology, or a thrift shop! It doesn't matter.

One of my favorite parts of shopping....mixing new and old. I hold on to a lot of things, this isn't a secret. But I'm glad I do, because I feel like that's a HUGE part of my style. And I've decided it's time to start sharing more fashion with my readers! So lets break down this all black outfit shall we?!

On my recent photoshoot with Rose Pine Photography, all of my outfits were mixes of new and old!

And when Danielle of Rose Pine Photography and I were chatting about this shoot, she asked me for an all black outfit...which I was PUMPED about, especially with Halloween coming up. My brain started going in overdrive thinking up outfits I knew I had in my closet!

My Lace Dress, is the old, and is from one of my favorite Boutiques; Bohme! I've had this dress for probably a year, I just haven't worn it yet. I was drawn to it because of the intricate details. The lace makes it romantic, but then the corseting on the chest, and sleeves gives it an edge. Not to mention the fact that I got it on sale, for $29.99. Unfortunately, it's no longer available.

Now...We've GOT to talk about the accessories, which coincidentally all came from Modcloth(another of my favorite stores).

How adorable are these tights?! If you're a new reader, and don't know much about me, Halloween is not only my favorite holiday, but it's also my favorite time of year. With the chill in the air, who wants naked legs?! So these tights were absolutely PERFECT!

Black, with Jack O' Lantern faces...gahhhh! SO FREAKING CUTE! Not only are they adorable, but they're actually on sale right now for....drum roll please.... $9.99!!!

Next piece from Modcloth, this hat! I've just started wearing hats this year, which I can thank my NBR Extensions for. Before I had my extensions, I always felt like my head was too small and my hair was too thin, and just looked weird under a hat. Now, I don't know...I just feel like my hair accentuates hats! And I'm so glad because I feel like they complete my outfits. This hat is amazing because it's adjustable! There is a tie inside of it so you can make sure it fits your head perfectly. Especially if you have a little noggin like I do, and struggle with them being too big. This Hat wasn't "cheap", but also won't break your bank. It's $39.00, but worth every penny, especially because it's great quality.

What else screams Halloween like this freaking bat backpack?! Another find from Modcloth, and it seriously couldn't have been more perfect for this look. It isn't just a backpack, it can also be converted into a purse! The wings even come off, butttt the ears don't. So I know I'll be leaving the wings on. And if I'm being honest, I'm going to use it all year long.

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Unfortunately this bag is no longer available! But who know's could be back by popular demand!

Last piece of my outfit...these BOOTS. I am obsessed with boots, and booties. And these ones screamed my name when I saw them. I found them online, but I can't lie buying shoes online are a little iffy for me...at least when I haven't worn the brand before. I found these bad boys online at DSW, and just did the store locator to see if anywhere close had them in stock! Luckily, they did, and they fit true to size. I fluctuate between a 6 1/2 or a 7, normally closer to a 7. Especially when it comes to making sure I have room for warm socks! These fit like a glove, and at DSW only cost me $59.99.

Happy Night Before Halloween!



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