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My Fitness Journey

Over the past few years my fitness journey has been a roller coaster. Looking back to my younger teen years compared to where I am today, there are so many things that have changed! I have to take you pretty far back, to show you how far I’ve come. And how it’s possible for you to as well!

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There is Sunshine in My Heart Today.

The first time I realized I had body image issues I was in middle school. A family member legitimately called me fat when I was about 10 years old, and from that point on...that’s all I saw in the mirror.

I remember shopping for my first fancy dress my freshman year of high school with my Mom....and sobbing in the fitting room because there wasn’t a single dress I felt comfortable...or beautiful in.

During my Freshman year I started to lean out. As a dancer in the musicals, practice was almost every day, and I was much more active than I really had ever been. I remember seeing a picture of all of us dancers...still thinking I was chubby...but I could notice a difference and see that I was losing that “baby fat”. But...I was still incredibly self conscious, and was constantly comparing myself to the other skinny, toned, fit girls I stood beside.

As high school went on, I still never quite felt like I was attractive. Even after I joined the cheerleading squad my senior year, I was never confident in my looks. And was still comparing myself to the girls on the squad daily. I was never comfortable wearing a bikini in the summer with all of my friends. I always made sure my shirt covered everything. I would buy cami’s a little too tight in hopes they would suck everything in under my actual shirt or dress.

There was ALWAYS an inner battle with myself.

I wouldn’t say I developed any eating disorders. But I would be lying if I said I never thought about it. I once attempted anorexia...but quickly learned that was impossible.I loved food way too much. Bulimia...I tried....for a hot second....and knew right off the batt, even attempting to make myself throw up....was something I could never do. After I graduated and I turned 18 I bought my first bottle of diet pills. I’d hide them in my dresser, so no one, not even my boyfriend (now husband) knew that I had them.

And every time I thought about an eating disorder, or I thought about taking these diet pills, I felt like I was doing something wrong. I was hiding this insecure piece of me from everyone. I never shared with friends how I was feeling...never my family...not even my Mom who was the closest person I had.

I’m sharing all of this with you, because I makes me so unbelievably sad looking back. If I just had the right resources...I can guarantee I would have found my journey with fitness a lot sooner.

I didn’t understand anything about weight lifting, or working out.

All I knew that I had to do for fitness was my gym class....and let’s be honest...I NEVER put too much work in. I never wanted to work up a sweat, especially because real life is not like the movies. And there was NEVER time to shower, or make yourself presentable after class! Not to mention the fact that to this day I still don’t like running...and of course that’s the majority of what high school gym class was.

I’m probably dating myself, but I feel like now a days Fitness is talked about so much more. It’s all over youtube, and all forms of social media. Whereas when I was in school....we were still living on AOL Instant messenger, and Myspace! But, for me then....I didn’t have it.

I thought that I needed to lose weight to look the way I wanted to look. And that is just....so...not right! Even after high school, I still didn’t know what to do with my body...I would try working out for a few days....not see results...and quit. It wasn’t until three years ago that my actual fitness journey began.

My boyfriend proposed...I of course said YES, and BOOM! We had a wedding to get ready for! So...I did what I never thought I would, and I picked a program and I stuck to it. I stumbled across the SHREDZ supplements, followed their workout programs, and felt myself getting stronger. One of my biggest insecurities has always been my arms, and that program started toning them....but there was still something missing. I wasn’t committed to the program, I wasn’t getting the best results possible....I didn’t love what I was doing...and my nutrition was still horrible.

That is when I found my Beachbody Coach.

I wasn’t looking for her. I was scrolling through Instagram. I saw a couple chocolate labs, and got sucked into her page. Thats when I saw how motivated she was. How she was sharing these at home workouts every day. Preaching that anyone can do it! We’ll save the extended story for another day, soooo long story short...Her and I hit it off...and that right there is when I started my Beachbody Journey, and I ended up signing up to be a coach as well.

I will forever be grateful to Beachbody. My coach, and that company changed my life.

They made me see that it’s not all physical struggle that we need to overcome.....it’s the MENTAL. And when you overcome your mental struggles everyday. When you power through your program, trust the process, trust the journey....it WORKS. When you follow their step by step guides, eat what you should be eating (which is all laid out in your nutrition plan that comes with every program)...YOU SEE RESULTS! I can’t even lie, I became addicted to the process. I loved the Shakeology Shakes I was drinking, I loved the connections with other women I was making, I loved the feeling after the workout was over, and I loved that as a coach we were required to work on our own personal development!

And that personal development, if where I learned SO SO SO SO much. I started to find my true self. I started to learn what I was truly passionate about. What I really wanted in life. I learned to set goals. BIG SCARY GOALS. Ones that make you feel like you’re going to throw up. And you know what....my goal may have taken me longer than I thought....It may have not have happened the way I originally intended it would....but it happened. My goal was to quit my office job...Guess what guys....I did. I quit that shit almost three months ago, and I haven’t turned back.

I’m no longer an actual beachbody coach. But I will use the products and programs for the rest of my life. When I got back into the Salon full time, I noticed my eating habits slipping....my workouts becoming less and less frequent. And I know it’s time I get back on track.

So...as this blog seems to be a little bit of a journal for me...I’m implementing a small fitness portion. I’m just going to be sharing with you some of my favorite workouts, healthy recipes, and how I find the time and stay motivated!

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