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Birthdays are made to be celebrated. To celebrate the lives created on this earth. To some people it might be just another day, but to others it’s a special... meaningful day. Especially to all of the mothers out there.

It’s the anniversary of the day you gave birth to your baby, after nine months of carrying that child. Growing that child. It’s the day you give that child life.

Last week, I got to celebrate my birthday with the people in my life who mean the most.
The people who don’t judge, and the one’s who are there no matter what.
One of those people being...my Mama.

For as long as I can remember, my Mom has made birthdays special. She’s always put her whole heart into making sure my brother and I had birthdays that were memorable. From the parties, to the cakes, to the decorations...she always made them perfect. Whatever theme we wanted. Whatever friends we wanted to invite. She made it happen.

I still remember the games and activities she set up. From three legged races, to basketball with water balloons, to pinning the petal on the flower. She did it all.

When I was little....I can’t lie, I didn’t see the meaning behind it. I didn’t really understand that it was more than just the party. But over the years, I’ve learned how much it means, that my Mama put in that much effort. She wanted us to have the best time, she wanted to create lasting memories, and she just wanted it to be special to celebrate our lives.

Now that I’m older...It’s not about the party.

Now that I’’m older...the only thing I want to do on my birthday, is to spend the day with the woman who gave me life.

I just want to spend the day with my Mama, doing whatever we want.

And that’s exactly what we did.

And it was perfectly un- perfect, which is beyond fitting for our lives! Hehehe!

It’s not about the gifts. It’s about the time spent together. She made my day just as special as every other other birthday.

We had the most amazing time! The day of we spent the day at the mall, followed by pedicures, and dinner. Annnnnd, the icing on the cake (pun intended....she even made my favorite pink champagne cupcakes) she took me, and my bestie to see Lindsey Stirling!!!!

If anyone doesn’t know who Lindsey is, look her up. She’s beyond talented, and a woman I look up to very much. She preaches positivity, and following your dreams. And is such a wonderful role model to all girls out there, no matter their age.

It was the perfect night, with the best company, watching and listening to an inspiring young woman!

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