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Make Up Bag Must Have's

Everything you’ll need in your makeup arsenal that'll take you from everyday basic all the way to glam nights.

For some women makeup can be overwhelming. There are so many brands and options out there, who know’s what really to choose?! Well, makeup, just like skin care, and hair care....basically everything else in this world...is all your preference. Something that works for me might not work for you, but I still enjoy sharing my favorites. However this post really isn’t about the brand, it’s about the specific tools that will make for the best makeup bag!

1.) Primer

First lets start with our skin! A primer is a must have, this helps your foundation go on smoothly and last throughout the day. I did not picture mine, as I don’t always use one (which is controversial), and to be honest I ran out! A little cheat....sometimes I use my Liquid Minerals (I'll tell yah about it in a sec).

2.) Light Coverage Foundation

  • Besides a primer, I think it’s important to have something that has a lighter coverage, such as a BB/CC Cream, or in my case I love the Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals. This is something nice to have on day’s where you might not want to go bare faced, but still want a little something to blur fine lines, pores, and even out your complexion.

3.) Full Coverage Foundation

  • You might not always want to rock a full coverage foundation, but when it comes to special events or nights out. Full Coverage is the way to go in my book. My personal favorite is the Nars Natural Radiant Long wear Foundation. It’s build-able, and I never find that it feels heavy or “cakey”.

4.) Concealer

  • Okay let’s talk ladies. Back in high school, I never worried about dark circles...even on tired days. However now....it’s a must. I use concealer almost daily. Whether it’s with my light, or full coverage foundation. Shape Tape by Tarte will forever be my go too, and works like a dream!

5.) Loose or Pressed Powder

  • Your powder is going to help you set your foundation, so don’t skip it! This is something I hear people saying they don’t need and it makes me cringe a little! To me I have both a loose and pressed powder, but it’s all preference. Some days I prefer a translucent loose powder to set my face, and other days I prefer the coverage that pressed powder gives me! I personally love the Studio Fix by Mac. Even as a powder I never worry that I look “powdery” or “cakey”.

6.) Contour & Highlighter

  • You might not always want to go into full blown contour mode, but even when you don’t it’s good to have something to use as a bronzer! Something thats going to bring dimension back to your face. Especially when you’re using full coverage foundation, you want to bring life back into your face once you’ve used the same color to cover everything! I love the Pro Glow kit by Tarte because it has everything you need. Theres a cream contour for days you’re going full glam. And there are also four highlighters, as well as a powder bronzer! I seriously use this pallet all the time, and it makes life easier. This way I don’t have 3 different products rolling around. I just have one, that includes everything I need!

7.) Blush

  • Blush isn’t always a must, but it really is something you should keep in your makeup bag. It adds just a little color to your cheeks, and can really help enhance any makeup look! Regardless if it's basic, or glam. A little blush can make a huge difference!

8.) Eyeshadow, Liner & Brows

  • My biggest suggestion to women who are low maintenance is to get yourself an eyeshadow pallet that will give you options. Something that has matt & shimmer! The Naked Pallets are some of my absolute favorites because they fit the mold. They can take you from basic to glam all in one. By going with a pallet you give yourself endless possibilities, and you don’t have to worry about purchasing everything individually! Most naked pallets even come with their own brushes.

  • I’m a big cat eye girl, and liquid liner is a must for me. But any stick liner is also good to have in your bag. It might not be a daily thing, but I promise there will be a time you need it!

  • A brown pencil is also an easy option to keep in your makeup kit! Rather than starting out with a powder/pomade and brush combo. Keep it simple for yourself and start with a pencil!

9.) Mascara & Lash Primer

  • I personally use lash primer daily, but there are days where I wan’t to get out the door quick and just throw a coat of plain mascara on. Lash Primer helps lengthen your lashes, and even helps condition them to keep them strong and healthy. Urban Decay Perversion and Subversion are my faves! I’ve legit been using both for years.

10.) Lips

  • I’m not a huge lipstick or lipgloss person, but I love a good chap stick or balm. EOS is always a go too! However, when it comes to spicing it up I really like the BITE lip crayons. They’re more of a matt finish, but, doesn’t get dry or chalky. Last, I truly believe that every lady needs to have a red lip. My red lip of choice is Fly Girl, by Lipsense. It stays on until I take it off, and I don’t ever have to worry that it’s going to come off and look crazy, or get all over my teeth!

11.) Setting Spray

  • A setting spray locks your makeup in! It’s something I might not use everyday, but it’s a must when you’ve got a special event to go to! Especially weddings, where you’ll be dancing and sweating! Or even hot summer days! Urban Decay All Nighter is where it’s at, and WORKS. I’m obsessed with the summer option they had! And it’s also great because they have a few different options. One for oily skin and one for more dry!

12.) Brushes

  • You can do your whole face by only using 5 brushes! Pardon the fact that mine are a little dirty, these are the actual brushes I use just about daily.

  1. The brush on the far left is an angled “fluffy” brush. This one I use for my highlighters!

  2. Second brush from the left is my angled, more dense brush that I use for my bronzer/contour.

  3. Middle is my extra fluffy brush. I use this guy to apply my translucent/loose powder. I also double it as a tool to brush off any “fall off” from my eye shadow.

  4. Second to the right, is my full coverage brush. This guy I use to apply my pressed powders.

  5. Far right is my eyeshadow brush. This brush is double sided, and come in one of my “Naked” pallets.

  6. And last, my beauty blender. I prefer to use a beauty blender when I’m applying my full coverage foundation. And I also use it to blend out my concealer.

13.) Makeup Remover

  • I personally love the ease that comes with the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I don’t have to worry about having cotton balls or gauze on hand, in addition to a bottle of makeup remover. So these are just my preference!

There we have it friends! All the basics to give you the makeup bag that won’t leave you missing a thing!

I’d love to hear from you and what your favorites are! Or if there is something essential in your kit that I may have left out! Comment below and let me know!



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