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I Love Boots and I Cannot Lie

Boots. I Just love BOOTS!!!

Tall boots, short boots, white boots, brown boots, black boots, cowgirl boots, healed boots, booties, freaking boots....just give me all the boots!

They've been a love of mine...since I was a little girl. And it all began with a pair of hot pink winter boots. I'd wear them ALL the time. My Mother can attest to it....so much so that she even added a picture to my senior yearbook...this one...right here. The one we sat for about an hour searching for....and as soon as I leave her house she finds it!

Boots can be worn in any season. In any weather. For any activity.

You can dress them up. Or you can dress them down! You can pair them with dresses....or jeans. Shorts, or pants. It doesn't matter. They go with anything.

When it comes to fashion, I've found that I don't really follow trends, but I do pick certain statement pieces, and run with them. This fall it's been the white boot trend....and I can't lie I'm obsessed.

Chloe, Chloe Boots, White Boots, Booties,
Click here for Chloe Boots

This past May I went out to California to become certified in Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions, and I fell in love with "Chloe" Boots.

The majority of my coaches all had Chloe Boots on, and I couldn't stop staring...and day dreaming of them on my feet. They are so unique! And just statement pieces in your wardrobe! The only thing stopping me is the price tag...these bad boys can run you anywhere from $900 - $1700.00!

While I may not have purchased a pair for myself yet, it doesn't stop my obsession. Mind you...Someday I will have a pair of my own.

But for now, I've managed to find my way around that hefty price tag...and DSW has my back once again!

White Boots, Steve Madden, Booties, White Booties, Boots
Click here for Steve Madden Bark Western Bootie

These adorable boots, are by one of my favorite shoe designers, Steve Madden. And cost a whopping $69.98...not to mention the wonderful sales person who honored my AUGUST Birthday coupon, even when I purchased these in October!

I'm telling you boots work with any outfit. I've rocked these with jeans and a tee shirt, and then I've completely flipped it, and worn them with a maxi dress! And guess what...they're perfect with either!

DSW...is my jam. If you can't find something you like...well then I don't know what to tell you. Because DSW is like a form of heaven....especially in the fall!

There are seriously rows, and rows...and more rows of boots...in every shape, size, and color you can imagine.

When I decided to get these guys, I told myself I was going in for a black pair of studded booties...and that was it. Nothing else. I didn't need to spend money...

But then....I saw these...and it was like the skies opened up...and a beam of light shown down....and put a big old spotlight on them....and I just knew I had to have them.

They run true to size, and are super comfortable. I barely had to break them in.

I wore them for the first time when I did my shoot with Danielle Phelps, of Rose Pine Photography(click here to read about her).

The second time I wore them I was on my feet for about 7 hours in the salon...and surprisingly...SUPER COMFORTABLE!

I legit, didn't have to break them in. It was like they're made for me....which....could just be Steve Madden's style...becuase the majority of his shoes I've been wearing since my feet stopped growing in high school...and they fit me like a glove!

Dress: #Anthropologie

Boots: #DSW//#SteveMadden

Jacket & Flannel: #Target

Tee Shirt: #BirdieBee

Jeans: #AmericanEagle

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