• Katie Pahura

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

I always like to share encouraging messages for a healthy mind....but along with a healthy mind, comes a healthy body.

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I know I know, that’s not what a lot of us want to hear. So many of us HATE working out. We find every reason not to do it. We rag on the fitness junkies that we see in social media....but in the end....the majority of people hating on fitness...are unhappy with their bodies...and where they’re at.

That’s not meant to upset you if you happen to be one of those people....I’m just being honest.

Working out is clinically proven to make you happier.

What did I just say?

Yeah....It’s the truth.

When you exercise it releases positive endorphins giving you that “Post Workout High”. So...If you’re not happy....I strongly encourage you to start some kind of workout regime...whether it’s joining a gym, going to a class, working out at home, just plain old walking! Whatever it is....do it.

But something I’ve discovered over the past couple years, is that a lot of people just don’t know where to start their journey.

Well...I’m going to help you out with some things that have helped me. It might not be for everyone, but it’s worked for me. And my experiences are all I can share!

First step...figure out what you actually enjoy doing. You don’t have to turn into a marathon runner if you hate running...then you’re never going to stick with it, and you’re not going to enjoy any part of it. Go on youtube...yes...youtube. And try little bits of different workouts!

Maybe you’re drawn to dance, or pilates, or weight lifting, or HIIT, or yoga! Whatever it is...really narrow it down to something you enjoy.

Once you have that figured out...start implementing it. Youtube has an endless amount of free workouts that will most likely lead you to another site! Or I can tell you now right off the bat, Beachbody workouts are amazing. There are a bunch of them, they get you results, and their on demand program is cheaper than any gym membership I’ve ever heard of. Not to mention the fact that along with working out, comes nutrition, and there are nutrition guides for every program (I used to be a coach, no I do not get paid to say these things...I just LOVE beachbody).

But I do have to say, some of my favorite workouts...come from the Tone It Up girls on youtube. They also have an app, where you can join their studio and pay for live classes. But I’ve found I love their free ones.

Something I’ve found that I really enjoy, are KettleBell workouts! I’ve discovered my love for them through the Tone It Up girls, and if you’re ready for a booty workout I’ve got one for you!

This workout isn’t even 14 minutes long, and you don't have to have a Kettlebell you can just use a dumbbell... Everyone can find 14 minutes in their day.

This is just an example of starting small! So find your own thing, and get your body right!

I guarantee, it’s going to start changing your mindset...and ultimately you’ll become a happier person because of it. Not to mention all of the added health benefits.

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