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Have you been brushing your hair wrong...your entire life?

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

As a hairstylist, we tend to forget that so many women don’t actually know how to properly care for their hair. There are endless things my clients tell me everyday, where I’m like...”Wow...everyone doesn’t know this?!”

So lets start with something that seems so simple...BRUSHING.

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First of all....you should never use an actual Hair Brush on wet hair....UNLESS you are using a “WETBRUSH”.

When you use an actual hair brush on wet hair, the hair itself is more elastic, and more fragile than when it’s dry, meaning it has a bigger tendency to BREAK.

Try using a large tooth comb, or invest in an actual Wetbrush. Wetbrushes are specifically made to help detangle wet hair.

Another way to combat snarly wet hair, is be investing in a leave in detangler or conditioner. Not only does this help you get through those tangles easily, you’re also adding that much needed moisture to your hair! So...it’s a win win!

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Some of my personal favorite detaglers:

7 Seconds - by Unite.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In - By It’s a 10 Hair Care

12 Benefits - By 12 Benefits

Soy Tri - Wheat Leave - in Conditioner - By Sexy Hair

Last Tip for today about Brushing?

You should always start from the bottom! SO many times, I watch people rip through their hair. Starting on the top can also cause more breakage! When you start at the bottom it’s easier to remove any tangles and knots!

A lot of times my clients wonder why their hair isn’t growing! They tell me they’re not using a lot of heat, or they haven’t even colored their hair, and there’s still a ton of breakage! And....improper brushing can be the main culprit!
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