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It's that time of year where I'm itching to get into my spring wardrobe...butttt it's still the dead of winter here in Western, NY. So here are some of my favorite finds that you'll be able to wear multiple ways, while still being cozy and warm!

Maxi dresses, and skirts are some of my favorite style options. Honestly, because they're so comfortable! I mean, come on. Who really wants to wear pants? They're like traps for your legs!

In all seriousness, I personally feel like Maxi's just make you appear more put together, all while they're something super easy to throw on.These two Maxi's were all thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Hunter Premo.

These long sleeved maxi's are from Red Dress Boutique, they both give me all the boho vibes that I love. Plus they can both be casual, or more dressy depending on how you choose to style them!

Now thissss is Cozy, Comfortable, but still stylish. The next few looks are go to's for "bum" day's, day's off, or basically whenever you don't feel like dressing up...but still want to look cute.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, are to DIE for. I now have three pairs, when I initially was scared to try them because actual spanks are SO tight. But, these aren't like that at all! They fit like a glove, and are pretty true to size.

My pullover started as a joke between my cousin and I. But the more I looked at it...the more I wanted it. I feel like this is the updated version of what my Grandma Marks wore.

And last, the Be Kind Tee. I love positive quotes. I like to surround myself with them, and I feel like I kinda always have. This tee was just super cute. It kind of feels like a terrycloth type of material, but I love it.

Next up, this Coca Cola Pullover. I totes prefer Coke over Pepsi, judge me for it, it's cool. I had been eyeing this pull over for a while, and when I saw it went on sale...you better believe I jumped on it.

I feel like a sweater, and a sweatshirt had a baby. It's so incredibly soft, and relaxed and so cozy for these cold days. But it's light weight enough that you'll be able to wear this in the spring under a light jacket, or even windbreaker and be comfortable!

It is for sure a relaxed fit. I had the option to size down to an XS, but I still chose a Small...andddd I do kind of wish I went down a size. This pullover, along with my previous pullover, and tee shirt are all from Vici Collection...along with more to come lol. It's one of my absolute favorite stores, and normally sizes go from S - L, and when there's the option for an XS, you usually take it, unless the size chart says otherwise. BUT! It's all good, it's just even more cozy!

The camo shoes are like walking on air!I can't wait for the snow to be gone for good so I can rock these guys. I'm gross and don't normally wear socks with my slip on shoes, however I have narrow feet, and these bad boys are just a little big without socks. I'm usually a size 7, and that's what I got in these. FYI for my girls with smallish feet!

I also added my quilted Spanx faux leather leggings to spice the look up even more. These leggings seriously make any style look a little bit more edgy, and I'm obsessed. I can't stop wearing them!

This sweater for real makes me feel like I'm wearing my baby blanket. The waffle material is almost comforting, and it's seriously so soft. I'm hoping for this in more colors, because I need more!

I also paired this sweater with this whimsical midi skirt. The stars make me just feel like I'm channeling my inner little girl.

I also dressed it up with my black booties. These kind's of chunky boots are totally in right now, and I'm not mad about it! I also styled this look with my Beige "Eldorado Hat", it's not pictured because I fail and forgot, but I'll still link it with everything below! You can also check out my instagram story highlights!

I'm linking everything below, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to comment and ask!




White Boho Dress

Coral Boho Dress

Checkered Pullover

Be Kind Tee

Vici Collection: Faux Leather Spanx

Spanx: Faux Leather Spanx

Coca Cola Pullover

Quilted Faux Leather Spanx

Camo Slide On's

Waffle Sweater

Black Booties

Eldorado Hat

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