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Dry Shampoo! Is it really worth the hype?

The answer....is....

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Yes, yes, and YAS!

When you figure out how to apply it, and what kind is your favorite...it turns into a product that you can’t live without.

When I first started out as a stylist, I didn’t believe in dry shampoo. I washed my hair daily, which also meant that I was blow drying, and using a flat iron or curling iron everyday....which is not the best for your hair. But, over the past few years, I've realized how amazing it really is, and how much time it can save you!

Washing your hair everyday is actually not good for you. When you wash daily, it dries out your scalp. So, those of you who suffer from a dry scalp, or dandruff...well you may have found out why!

Our scalp produces natural oils (also known as sebum, I know, it’s a gross weird word), which help keep your hair shiny and nourished. BUT, when we wash our hair daily, we’re washing away these natural oils, which like I said can dry out your scalp, but it can also make your hair more brittle!

I know I know, you’re thinking right now “But my hair gets so greasy! I have to wash it daily Katie!!!”. THAT’S where dry shampoo comes into play! If you’ve tried it and haven’t liked it, I can guess it’s one of two things. Either you’ve gotten a cheap one, that legit doesn’t work, or you’re just not using it correctly.

My first suggestion when starting out, use your Dry Shampoo before you go to bed! Yup, by using it before you go to sleep the dry shampoo will help soak up the excess oil your scalp is producing at night! Then, you’ll only have to use a little bit in the morning, or maybe you wont have to use it in the morning at all!

Second, do not spray it too close to your scalp! ESPECIALLY those of you who have dark hair. Hold the can at least 8 inches away! When you hold the can too close, that’s when you get that white powder puff that no one wants!

My absolute FAVORITE Dry Shampoo, is by Amika and is called “Perk Up”. This stuff smells UH-Freaking-Mazing, and is seriously the best one I have ever used. No matter how much I use it never feels “chalky” or super heavy. It never feels like there’s build up, and I know we all have our preferences, but this one…It’s just the best! It’s not the cheapest one I’ve used, but it’s also not the most expensive.

My second favorite, Kristin Ess, and is called “Style Reviving Dry Shampoo”. This one also smells amazing! It’s also just as light weight. But I personally felt like I had to use more of it, than my Amika. It’s a smaller can, and I felt like I went through it super fast! It works wonderfully, and also doesn’t make my hair feel super powdery, or cakey!

My last two favorites, are probably the cheapest of all! Any of the Dove Dry Shampoo’s, and I also really liked the Not Your Mothers, “Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo”. Both can be found at your local drug store, Walmart, or Target. They both work and smell great. But I have found I can’t go as long in between washes, and if I use them too many days in a row I can definitely feel the build up.

I would love to hear from you, my subscribers on this topic! Do you use dry shampoo?! If so do you like it? Are you someone who doesn’t believe in it?! Have you tried any of these brands!? Drop a comment below, and let me know!

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