• Katie Pahura

Dream Hair is Possible

Flashing it back to this past Tuesday, where I took my trip to Pennsylvania for my own tightening appointment!

My NBR Transformation, Hair and Photo Credit goes to Sarah Pelco

Yes. I drove all the way to PA to get my hair done. Why? Because I am the only NBR Certified Stylist in our area (that I know of, or is in our network). 

When I tell people I go all the way to Pennsylvania their reaction usually is...”Do you really need to get them done? Your hair isn’t that bad!”

Let’s just let my before sink in a little. 

In reality, if I weren’t wearing Natural Beaded Row Extensions I would HAVE to cut my hair. It’s straggly on the ends, it’s broken in the front. And the front is always the hardest part to grow out. 

But I don’t want short hair! 

In my dreams, I have that Victoria’s Secret model hair. Mermaid hair. Hair that’s full, and voluminous!

But then I wake up...to my before. To fine Hair, that will grow if I let it. But just doesn’t look good. 

When I don’t have my hair in I can’t lie, I feel so self conscious. I focus on every imperfection, I know I shouldn’t. But I do. We are our own worst critic! And it doesn’t mater what anyone else says, when you’re not confident in yourself...it effects every aspect of your life. 

My NBR Transformation, Hair and Photo Credit goes to Sarah Pelco

I haven’t felt like myself for the past week without my extensions. And I know to some people that just sounds crazy. But I can guarantee those people don’t have their hair as their insecurity. 

With NBR...I’m able to have my dream hair...

With NBR even if a zit pops up, or I’m not feeling the best in my body...when I have good hair...I feel like another person! 

I stand and walk taller. I worry less about what people think of me. And I just feel like I’m the best version of myself. 

I never thought I would have my dream hair. And more importantly...I never thought I would feel the way I do about myself...BECAUSE of my hair. 

Without Natural Beaded Row Extensions I feel like I truly wouldn’t have found the confidence in myself... At least not like where it is now. To some that might sound vain but until you’ve walked in my shoes...you won’t understand. 

NBR has changed my life.

So what is stopping you from letting it change yours? To give you not only the hair of your dreams...but the confidence that you’ve been missing?

Click here to find out how I can help you have the hair your dreams are made of!

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