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Don’t let 1 out of 100 people make you feel like you’re less than.

In the past few weeks, I hit my first speed bump in my new location. Well I guess we don’t have to call it a speed bump, we can just say it like it is. Normally I share all of these inspiring stories about my clients. I choose to share the good, the positive and not reflect on the negative. Which, being 100% honest I don't consider much of my business to be negative. I normally feel inspired by my job, and excited to go to work everyday. But when something negative happens....the best way or me to get all my feelings out, is to sit down. And to write about it.

I had my first unhappy guest a little bit ago...and to be quite honest. I was taken back, and didn’t expect what transpired to happen. I normally wouldn’t share so much detail.... I normally would have found a way to share this lesson I went through very tactfully, and with grace, but in this situation...I just needed to put it all out there. I wanted to share because I am an honest person, and I will admit my flaws and when I'm wrong. Because I want my clientele to know that if you’re not happy, with ANYTHING. I’m here to remedy the situation and make you LOVE your hair!

Rather than let one person make me feel less than and like I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m here to turn it into a lesson, and remind myself that I have NEVER had the complaints she had. And when I offered everything I could possibly do for her to remedy the situation (at no cost), she took it upon herself to go somewhere else to “fix” the problem. And like I said, normally I wouldn’t share so much detail, but honestly is so important to me, and I want to share the entire story..not just an excerpt or an abridged version.

Let’s start at the beginning.

My goal when you come sit in my chair is that we have clear communication. This is important for not only figuring out what you’re looking to have done, but it’s also important for if we’re not on the same page. We need to be able to communicate clearly with each other.

I take pride in the fact that I can deliver what you’re asking for. And if I don’t think I can get you there in one session, or it’s not realistic, I will be direct and tell you. Communication.

If there is something that you are not happy with, I will do whatever I can to remedy the situation. If you feel your color isn’t what you were looking for, we’ll communicate and fix it. If you feel like your extensions are a little too long we’ll cut them. To heavy? We’re remove some weight. Simple as that. No hard feelings!


The situation I'm about to tell you about was with a new extension client. I didn't know her well, nor did she know me. She had found me on instagram through one of her friends, and she'd worn extensions for years. She was just looking to switch to a new method that gave her a little more versatility ex. being able to wear her hair up without them showing. Now when you become an extension client, we have even lengthier consults than with just color. There is a ton of information that goes into your consult because Natural Beaded Row Extensions are so customizable. Natural Beaded Rows are an investment, so we want to make sure that you’re getting what you’ve asked for.

Once we had the consult, it took a few weeks to hear back. She'd been thinking it over because it is such an investment. She decided to go for it, we got her scheduled and said person came in to have her extensions installed. I went over everything with her at length. She was SO happy when she left, she was glowing. She even texted me after saying how happy she was and how much she loved them!!! Yay! Just what I want to hear!!!

And then a few days later....everything took a turn...

I received a message stating she had a lot of issues. She started with saying they were super painful, her head was itching like crazy, she felt the extensions were too heavy for her natural hair and she also felt the color didn’t blend as seamlessly as she thought when she was in the salon. I've truthfully never had someone tell me that they were that painful or itchy! Sometimes guests have come back a few times because they wanted a little tweaking on their cut. But other than that...never really an issue. So I was very concerned...I wasn't sure if maybe she just had a sensitive head, and could potentially be a little over dramatic(I've never worked with her, I don't know much about her)? Or was something else going on? So I reached out to a group of stylists that I trust, and they suggested that she could potentially be allergic the beads themselves. But we really don't know until she can come in to be seen.

I went back and asked her a few questions to try and get to the bottom of what was going on. Once we talked we discovered that the extensions must be too heavy for her natural hair.

These things were a quick fix! A little tweaking on the color, and a little tweaking on the cut to remove some weight. Seriously, Simple fix. This was communicated at length multiple times. I didn’t act too concerned because it was literally a quick fix that just took her coming in for tweaking. Sometimes it takes more tweaking for some clients than others to find the sweet spot. Not a big deal....or so I thought.

I gave her multiple dates of when I could get her in to blend it more to her liking, and to remove weight to make them more comfortable. I wanted to do this, because well it's my job, and not to mention it’s a large investment, and you should be thrilled with the outcome!

However, she wouldn’t budge, saying that she could ONLY do weekends....

Well...let's give those of you who don't know me a run down of my weekends. They are extremely busy. As in, most clients have to wait at least 4-6 weeks to book on a Saturday...This client couldn’t make ANY weekday work that I offered, even evenings that I don’t offer. SO she said she just wanted to wait for her appointment that was coming up. Not even a week away (as I write this).

I legitimately explained everything multiple times to this person. The only things that needed to be changed were going to be done at no cost to her, at her upcoming appointment! And I would have been more than happy to get her in before her maintenance appointment, however she made it perfectly clear that that wasn’t possible. At that point my hands were tied. The only option would have been to cancel another client on a Saturday, to make room for this person.... Which was literally the only way we would have even been able to get her in prior to her appointment. And being honest, that’s just not fair to my regular clients who wait a month to get a weekend appointment!

I thought her and I were on the same page, until last night...when I received some of the rudest messages I’ve ever received from a client, and I’ve been in the industry for 10 years....and have heard a lot of things.

These messages really made me question what I am doing. She stated that she went somewhere else to have it fixed and it took “8 hours”....and paid even more for it...needless to say without sharing her actual message, she not only knocked my integrity, but also my talent. It’s not worth spending more time rereading the awful things she said, as I’ve reread her message probably 100 times, and she made me feel horrible enough. But it's people like that who scare us out of our industry, and make us feel we're not up to par.

At that point, it was completely taken out of my hands, and there was legitimately nothing left for me to do. Had she come in, it most definitely wouldn’t have taken 8 hours. To be quite frank, I’m not sure what did take 8 hours. But...🤷🏼‍♀️what are you going to do?

Ladies...or gentleman. Who’s ever reading this.

You can’t please everyone. Even when you offer them the moon.

You guys know. It doesn’t matter the situation. One person can make you question everything, and really bring you down.

I felt defeated. I felt hurt. I felt attacked.

I offered her everything I could. And she still wasn’t happy.

And then...my best friends came over, and gave me the confidence boost I needed.

Isn’t it funny how you can have a full clientele, and friends, and family, who absolutely LOVE who you are, and what you do? They're are always pleased with your work, and your character and never have any complaints...but then it only takes ONE person, who you worked with one time, to make you feel like you’re less than?

When you are in an industry where you work with the public, it doesn’t matter if it’s the beauty industry or something else, we have to remind ourselves that not everyone thinks the same way we do. We work with all kinds of personalities. Some of which, we just won’t vibe with.

This was one of those situations.

I guess I should be thankful in the long run that it didn’t work out because it had already caused so much tension and stress.However. I’m a people pleaser. And to know that someone was that irate. And that upset. Doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when I WANTED to remedy the situation.

It’s hurtful to know that this person sat in another salon and bad mouthed me with another stylist, when I’m sure she left out everything I had offered to do for her, and explained multiple times. But again. You can’t please everyone.

Lessons like this are important, especially in this industry.

I love what I do. And I know I am more than capable of delivering what you’ve asked for.

The moral of this story. Don’t let 1 out of 100 people make you feel like you’re less than. Don’t let them make you feel like you’re a bad person. Don’t let them tell you who you are, when they know absolutely nothing about you. Especially when you’ve given them every opportunity to help them with what they weren’t happy with.



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