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#Blonde Problems

Are you a blonde-aholic? Blonde-orexic? Whatever you want to call it, are you obsessed with being the blondest blonde out there?!

If so, this post is going to be for you!

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As a blonde myself, I understand completely! We always want to be the blondest blonde we can be. When we see the slightest hint of yellow, we lose our shit!

So, how do us blondes keep our hair the brightest, and whitest it can be?

There’s more than one reason our hair can start to yellow. But first, I’d like to remind every single blonde reading this(as well as every other color), our hair looks different in different lighting. The truest color it will be is in the natural lighting. But if you’re under a warm light....guess what? Your hair is going to reflect warmth. That’s why as a stylist I ALWAYS try and take my clients into the natural light before they leave the salon, so they can see the true tone.

When I left my last hair appointment, my hair was the PERFECT blonde that I was trying to achieve. It wasn’t yellow, it wasn’t warm, it wasn’t gold. It was EXACTLY what I wanted (Shout out to my amazing stylist Sarah Pelco). BUT! When I got home, and went into my bathroom....where I have florescent lighting....guess what? I detected the SLIGHTEST hint of yellow. As a stylist, I know there is no yellow whatsoever in my hair, but that’s something we need to get more clear on with our clients! Be aware of the lighting in your house! Or in your workplace....especially your workplace bathroom....because thats where it will most likely be the worst!

But, after a few washes we do actually start to lose that cool tone that we love. Between washing, and using heat when styling, the color begins to yellow slightly. As a blonde, you need to know that it’s the nature of the beast. It happens to all of us.

Being blonde, especially a very cool/silvery/icy whatever you want to call it blonde, it’s kind of high maintenance color! So how do we try to fight the yellow until our next appointment?

Meet, Purple Shampoo!

What the hell is purple shampoo you might ask?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, a shampoo that’s tinted purple.

The first thing we learn about color in cosmetology school is the color wheel. And Purple, is the tone than cancels out yellow! So by using a purple shampoo it’s almost like an in between appointment toner.

There are a billion different purple shampoo’s out there, but, I’m going to share with you my top 3!

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My absolute favorite?! “Blonda” by UNITE. This stuff is LEGIT guys! A lot of purple shampoo’s tend to dry out hair, but with this one I haven’t had ANY issues. And...my favorite part...the smell. I don’t know about you, but my shampoo has to smell good. If it doesn’t....I won’t use it. I always smell everything before I buy it! But this one...oh my gosh. It smells like Grape Hubba-Bubba gum! So Yummy I want to eat it!

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Matrix "Brass Off" Shampoo

Second Favorite? “Brass Off” by Matrix. This was my go to before I found Blonda. It’s very potent, annnnnd also smells delicious. But this one is a little different. It’s so purple it’s almost blue!

Third Favorite? “So Silver” also by Matrix. So Silver was the first Purple shampoo I ever used. It’s a great starter, and a lot of older women with white hair use this!

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Matrix "So Silver" Shampoo

Beyond the purple shampoo, if you find your hair is starting to become a little more brassy than you’d like, but it’s not quite time to get your hair colored you can always schedule an appointment for a toner. At Roots, we offer this to our clients. It’s a great way to help maintain that cool blonde that you want, without spending a ton of money, especially when you don’t want to get a full blown color service.

I do want to add a little warning in here for you. If Purple Shampoo is used too much...your hair may start to take on a purple or blue hint. If you notice this, number one stop using it as much. If you start to see that hint it’s ok, don’t fret! Just wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, and it’ll help get that out right away. I suggest to my clients that they can use it a few times a week, but really it’s at their own discretion. It all depends on how often you wash!

So play around with it. Figure out what works best for you!

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