• Katie Pahura

Being Honest With Your Stylist

I’ve been a stylist for a little over 9 years now, and I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve heard clients say, “She just didn’t do what I wanted”. This happens all the time!!! And the hard part... it can even happen with the best of the best!

I’m writing to you the client, from the stylist’s perspective, so you can better understand where the disconnect could have happened!

We as stylist’s see things VERY differently than you. When you pull out that picture you searched on Pinterest, we’re thinking is that Foiled or Balayage? Is her base a level 5, or maybe a 6? Is that beige, or is that going to be a little golden in the natural lighting? How much dark is in between that highlight? Semi, Demi....Permanent? Can I use color to lift her? No...maybe I use my Clay lightener...or powder? Am I going to tone her with violet or blue? I wonder if my client has box color on her head? Hmmm, looks like there’s a couple inches of regrowth, I wonder when the last time she colored her hair is?

Did you get any of that? My guess, probably not. And thats okay! You as the client do not need to know! However, an educated stylist is going to (or should) ask you multiple questions, before we even head to mix your color to help us answer those questions!

So, when you get drilled...be HONEST. I can tell you the majority of the time, when a client isn’t happy with the outcome it’s because, number one you weren’t honest, and number two, there wasn’t clear communication.

Just to give you a little example....If you have dark hair, and you want to go lighter there are a ton of different outcomes we as stylists think of. On someone with natural hair, who has never put any color on their head, we can use a different product than for someone who HAS colored their hair previously(with a box, or from a salon). If you tell us that you haven’t...we’re trusting you. Now...just because it’s been 6 months since you’ve colored it...this does not mean it’s gone, or completely cut out (unless you have regular cuts/trims then possibly). Even if it’s faded, there was still a previous color on your head, that will effect the outcome. So when we do something, and it doesn’t turn out...that is not our fault. Now, I can’t lie, this is me being a little harsh....because it’s happened to me on more than one occasion. We will rack our brain to figure out why it didn’t do what it was supposed too... then we’ll have you come back in for little or even no charge! Just because we’re not happy with our work! And... when it doesn’t turn out again... you head to another salon and say....what do you think? You guessed it....“She didn’t do what I wanted!”.

Now, not everyone does this. And this is not every scenario, for as to why you didn’t get what you wanted. There are plenty others!

So, here are some example questions you should be prepared to answer when you sit down in our chair, and show us that beautiful color from your “Carmel Highlight” search on Pinterest or Instagram.

1.) Do you have color on your hair?

- If yes, when is the last time you had it colored?

2.) Do you like warm tones?

3.) Do you like cooler/ashy tones?

4.) How much upkeep do you want to have?

5.) Do you like any root to show?

6.) Or do you prefer the highlight to get as close as it can to your scalp?

Again, these my friends are just some examples of the questions we may have when t comes to what you like and your preferences. Don’t be afraid to be too descriptive with your stylist when you’re explaining to them what you want! And, above all...you know it....be HONEST.

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