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Bee Fearless

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what set’s your soul on fire.” - Jennifer Lee

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Bee Fearless

How many times a day do you sit and daydream about the things you aspire to do...and be? Yet...you don’t do anything to actually get there? Or maybe you just plain old think that your dreams are unattainable...

My guess...you have too many voices....voices of coworkers, friends, and even family...telling you...”You can’t”.

Voices that question your dreams, and aspirations negatively. They only see the bad...they don’t see the good.

I’m here today to tell you...to shut out those voices...put on your blinders...and go chase your dreams. Pursue your passions.

Because we only regret the chances we didn’t take. And because you CAN do anything you set your mind to. I’m still on my journey, but the more that I focus on my goals and dreams the closer I actually get to them!

A little back story on me...I went to cosmetology school right after high school. I got a job at a chain salon shortly after I completed my one thousand hours, as New York State requires. While I learned SO much, after four years it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing everyday....a waiting room filled with men’s and kid’s cuts...that’s not how I pictured my career as a stylist. Not only that, but bad experiences with ex coworkers, and the owner....I felt like I never wanted to do hair again.

So I got an office job. A regular 9 - 5, paid holidays, sick and vacation time, not to mention health insurance. How do you pass that up?! At first it seemed great. I had spent four years working evenings, just about every Saturday, and every other Sunday. To having the entire weekend off, and I even got to be home week day evenings! It was a dream....or at least so I thought at the time.

But then...things started to change.

I knew I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be doing. I lost my sense of purpose. I was working for a company that didn’t appreciate me, and I just knew in my heart that I wasn’t meant to live my life....40 hours a week, stuck in a cubicle, unable to be myself.

For the five and a half years I worked in the office, I was still doing hair out of my kitchen, or traveling to their homes. It wasn’t often, and I didn’t make much. But I was getting my creative release...and I thought it was enough....until it wasn’t anymore. Finally something inside me...told me that it was time to move on...But how? I only had a handful of clients...how was I going to book a full week and even be able to support myself...Not to mention I didn’t even have a salon to work in, and I sure as shit was NOT going back to a chain salon.

These are words other people put in my head... words of doubt.

I listened to those people for almost three years...Until finally that piece of me was ready to tell everyone who planted that doubt....to fuck right off.

And I did.

Long story short, I was given an amazing opportunity to rent a chair inside of Roots Salon. I wasn’t sure how I would do, but I knew in my heart it was where I was meant to be. The Universe aligned all of the stars for me, and I haven’t turned back.

But then....I found another adventure...I stumbled through good old google...and discovered Natural Beaded Row Extensions.

Not only was I convinced that I needed them for myself....they were a method I NEEDED to learn to do!

Queue....the voices.

To learn NBR(Natural Beaded Rows)...It’s an investment...a large investment. An Investment in my education that I hadn’t had to make since I first went to cosmetology school. It’s not a simple extension method that you learn from watching a couple you tube videos.

Shit is LEGIT.

And you’re required to be Certified. Not like other methods where you can just wing it, and learn it on your own.

When I told my friends and family what I wanted to do...they put all of their fear on me...That's not meant to make any of them feel bad. But it’s the true story that I’m sharing.

“What if you don’t do well?”

“What if no one wants it?”

“You’re in Albion, how will you charge that much?”

“Not enough people in our area wear extensions....”

“What if it’s a scam?”

I could go on.

When other people put their fears on you...it requires you to become....fearless.

Protect your dreams, and kindly tell them, “I hear your concern, however...it is my life...and I know I can.”

YOU are the only person who knows what you feel inside. You’re the only one who can listen to your gut, and know what you truly want. We all have different journeys, and paths. But it all is the same when it comes to seeds of doubt.

We all look for validation from others(whether we’d like to admit it or not), and while sometimes we can benefit from others opinions....in the end it’s ultimately your life, and you’re the only one in control of it.

It’s a tough pill to sallow for our friends and family when we don’t take their advice and we push ourselves outside of the norm. I took the leap and I signed up for my NBR class, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my business. I’m successful, and continue to grow each and every day. Had I listened to everyone’s fears.... and not taken the class....I would NEVER have started a blog....and you my readers wouldn’t be inside my head, interested in what I have to say.

When we do something so different than others, we have to remind ourselves WHY we’re doing it, and in that process....we become fearless.

I share my story with you...because so many people can relate. No you might not be a hairstylist, learning an extension method...but you could be that girl...or guy...stuck in a cubicle, day dreaming about what it would actually be like to be out there living your dream.

Don’t let the opinions of others dim your dream, and keep you stuck in a situation that should have been temporary.

Take the words from one of the strong women I look up too...and...


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