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Babe Cave

Babe cave...She Shed...Whatever you want to call it, all women should have one. It’s my space, where I can have as much glitter and girlie stuff as I want, and I don’t have to worry about what my hubby will think.

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My Babe Cave
Babe Caves may be overrated to some women....but I think they’re necessary.

Let me explain why.

When My husband and I first moved in together I can’t lie, I struggled. Between not having my Mom, or my old room, or all the little nicknacks that I was used to surrounding me. I just didn’t really feel like our new house was....my home. I felt hindered by how I chose to decorate because I didn’t want to make anything “too girlie” for my husbands sake. But I never felt like it was truly my space.

My husband tried to make me more comfortable, he let me pick out paint, furniture, and curtains. He wanted it to feel just as much my home as it was his. And while that helped there was still something missing.

Distressed Sign, Distressed Decor, Floral, DIY, Handmade, Crafty
Be Kind Sign

At heart....I love faux fur, and sequins, and pink, and gold, etc. Everything girlie...I LOVE it.

So.... My husband agreed that I could turn one of the rooms in our basement into “My Room”. At first, it just started with our outdoor sectional. I was having a girls night, and I didn’t have a lot of seating, plus the weather was getting cold so we decided just to put our outdoor furniture in my room. It worked well, but...needed more. So I brought down my little wine fridge, and I hung up some twinkle lights, and my gold sequin fabric to act as a curtain over the storage closet. Both were recycled from our wedding, so I didn’t even spend any extra! I used more of the remaining sequin fabric to cover the top of the wine fridge so it would act as an end table, and it was the start!

Faux Succulent, Candles, Sequin Tree, Gold Glitter, Anthropologie ,
Babe Cave Decor

Next I added a coffee table, brought some of my favorite books down, and a cute sign I made at a little craft class. My Grandma gave me some fluffy pillows, and a blanket for Christmas last year. And it kept getting cuter and cuter! Finally this year, I was given my pink couch! My Mom has a client who is redecorating their entire house, and was just going to donate the couch, until my Mom told her I’d want it! So...technically she donated it to me!

My babe cave isn’t perfect. The old floral border needs to come down, it could use some new flooring, and a coat of paint. But... it’s my space. It’s where I can have as many girlie things as I want. It’s where my girlfriends and I go to hang out. Regardless if you’re married, a Mom, a fur mom, or just live with your significant other. It’s so important for women to have a place where they can go to unwind, and be surrounded by their favorite things.

Every time I walk into my Babe Cave, I just feel comfortable. I can oosah, and relax, and cozy up and read a book, or write, or pinterest, or get lost in instagram, whatever I want.

I love my space.

Do you have a Babe Cave? Or a space of your own? Comment below and tell me a little bit about yours!

Sequin Pillows, Slippers, Faux Succulent: Target

Faux Fur Throw Pillows: Pier One

Twinkle Lights: Amazon

Hoodie: Birdie Bee

Leggings: Victorias Secret Sport

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