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A Stylist's Sacrifice

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I've had this post written for a few weeks now.. and honestly I was scared to share it. I was scared of the people that it could possibly offend...but then I thought to myself...If someone reads this and feels offended, or attacked....then they're probably not meant to be my client.

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As I’ve done before, I am speaking to you the client, from the stylist's perspective. This honestly is not meant to offend. This is purely me speaking for us stylists out there, who need our clients to know this information.

As Stylist's we sacrifice a lot for you, the client.

When you call your stylist last minute because you just now realized you have "3 inches" of re-growth(half an inch, if even, because you're being dramatic) and need an appointment IMMEDIATELY, chances are your stylist makes the time for you...am I right?

I'm not talking about the women who can't find the time. Or the women who have super crazy schedules. I'm talking about certain people who JUST HAVE TO GET IN. OR THE WORLD WILL END....for no specific reason what-so-ever.

So...I have a question for you.

How do you think your stylist found that time?

Where did it come from?

Did she have nothing better to do?

Chances are your stylist sacrificed her own personal time to convenience you. That's not meant for you to feel bad for us! But know that we do this out of the goodness of our hearts. We love our clients, we love what we do. And the majority of the time we want to help you out when you're in a pinch.

When you've called your stylist, because you chose not to book your next appointment in advance, and you're in an "EMERGENCY" situation...do you know what your stylist most likely had to do?

She missed her daughters soccer game. She didn’t get a chance to get the dishes done before she headed out of the house. She didn’t get home until 10pm, and completely missed her husband before he went to bed. She missed a family members birthday party. She couldn’t go to the concert she was looking forward to. She cancelled coffee with her best friend....for the 5th time.

I. Could. Go. On.

As stylists, we are constantly treated as if we don’t have lives of our own. We offend clients when we tell them “No, I don’t have a 7 or 8pm appointment available during the week”....or “No...I’m sorry..I don’t work on Sundays”. While we do have some understanding clients, the vast majority do not think of that when they’re trying to get “squeezed” in.

Just because we are stylists, that does not mean we should be slaves to our business.

We have families. We have fur babies. We have Friends. We have hobbies. We have other things we enjoy doing, besides being in the salon.

As stylist’s we get cancelled on last minute. We get straight up “no call, no shows”. And we constantly hear remarks about the costs of our services.

Now I’m going to ask you some more questions to think about as you continue reading.

Do you cancel last minute on your Doctor’s appointments?

Do you no call no show, for a business meeting?

I’m guessing, the answers to those questions were most likely no’s.

That’s because as stylist’s we’re not treated the same.While we stylist’s know that there are some circumstances that happen out of our control, and you have to cancel....that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the clients...who as mentioned above...NEED THEIR HAIR DONE OR IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD...are late to their appointment...and then call us 15 minutes after their appointment was supposed to start....and tell us they can’t make it....They’re exhausted from their day or whatever the case may be.... Or then there are the times someone decides to flat out do a no call, no show....

True. Freaking. Stories.

Guess what?

Your stylist, number 1, could have scheduled someone else for your time slot....or number 2, could have been home with her family. Because did you know, she’s been in the salon all week? Booked solid? Has people on waiting lists to get an appointment? Hasn’t seen her kids in 3 days? And needs a freaking massage because her back is about to break?

These aren’t things that people think about...Sad. But very true.

Lastly...I didn’t forget.

Something that personally bothers me...even more than being stood up...

Being told things like, “We are too expensive. We charge too much. We can’t charge that in the town we’re working in. No one will pay that.” Etc.

Sit on this for a second.

Has someone ever walked into your place of business and told you that you are being paid too much for what you do...?

Because that is EXACTLY what you are doing when you say something like that to your stylist.

We went to school. We are constantly taking classes behind the scenes to continue our education (they are not all free, I might add). We have rent. We have insurance costs. We pay for products. For retail lines. For the free wine you get to enjoy during your service. And most importantly... cutting, coloring and styling hair is an art-form...your stylist...is an artist...

Would you walk into an art gallery and tell the artist they’re over priced?

It is one of the biggest gut punches, when someone makes a comment like this... because we know our worth.

Just because we “do hair” doesn’t mean our work schedules are only evenings and weekends. It doesn't mean that we don’t have anything better to be doing. It doesn’t mean that we’re here to be walked all over.

Just like we all need to put boundaries in our personal lives, we as stylists specifically need to put them in our business. If your stylist doesn't call you back 2 minutes after your missed call....there isn't a need to message her on Facebook....then message the salon's page....then call another stylist from the salon....and then message your stylist AGAIN. I promise...we will get back to you...The majority of the time we are with another client, giving them our full attention...just as we do when you are in our chair.

So the next time you ask your stylist to “squeeze you in”, or feel the need to tell her she's charging too much...please remember to be respectful of her time, and her talent.. if you feel as though she's charging you too much....maybe she's not the stylist for you.

Please know that we still have lives like everyone else. We have FEELINGS just like everyone else. And we truly treat each client, as an artist looking at a blank canvas....or a canvas that needs to be fixed.

Most importantly, please remember that your stylist is a person.

She's not just a robot behind the chair meant to serve you, who doesn't care about her job, or you. She worked hard to get where she is, to craft her talent, and to become the stylist....the artist she is.

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